Why should short films be released on all video platforms?

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Short films are the new potential that is being leveraged by brands across categories to put their best foot forward. However, many brands to date prefer sticking to the ever so favourite Youtube or their website in order to make it viral. Harnessing the power of social media and the availability of a whole spectrum of video platforms can do wonders in your short film reaching out to a larger audience on the whole. A well made, interesting movie that boasts of good content will always attract the right viewer no matter where they are.

Better Reach- Better virality

Sharing around the world is easier now than ever. With the power of a click, people can like to share your fabulous film without any ado and you can get great exposure on many levels. With no dearth of video platforms online catering to a varied variety of audiences, literally, thousands of hours of videos are uploaded every single day to every corner of the internet. Be it niche, generalised or even targeted, for individual films to be discovered by audiences one has to reach out to every possible platform.  Numerous online platforms that are garnering attention across the world include Terribly Tiny Tales, Large Short Films, Hot Star amongst several others.  Not only do they have an incredible amount of traffic on their sites, but have a viewership that spreads worldwide.

No Segmentation- Mass Audience

In India, every viewer has its own favourite go-to platform. But that does not mean they don’t want to watch content from other portals. Availability of cheap data and smartphones has given rise to a new audience that spends more time on their digital phones than on anything else. Therefore their demand for content is ever growing. Sharechat, Clip, flickstree, blip, hypstarare such portals that cater to the Indian hinterland. They are an ideal platform for your short films to reach out to not just your target audience but to this new audience that is also evolving. Vernacular voice-overs and subtitles can easily garner their attraction more than anyone else.

Better Connection

How many times have you come across a short film that is not in your language but has a viewership of at least more than a million views? Many times right. That’s simply because short films are an ideal way of connecting the world together. Crossing possibly every boundary, short films are a faster way to connect and express a message immediately. With a captive young audience, brands are experimenting with this format to bring people digitally closer.

It will be an understatement if I say that in order to increase the chances of your short films discovery, you have to leverage the prominence of various video platforms. Irrespective of the number of impressions and views you are getting from one channel, the chances of it tripling are more through other channels. Take advantage of the wider audience and their evolved state of mind that is catching up with the times. With so many mechanisms designed for discovery, you never what clicks with the varied audience and makes your film viral beyond your expectations. Make your film available across all possible video platforms and enjoy the boost of traffic in your official website in no time.

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