Why More Businesses Should be Using Whiteboard Animations

More Businesses Should be Using Whiteboard Animations

If there’s one thing that we often ignore in both business and life, it would be the power of simplicity. Whiteboard animations created by Spiel Scribes tend to harness that power into a marketing presentation and appeal to large groups of audiences at the same time, within a very short spell. Let’s now take a closer look at what makes these animation videos such a success and why more businesses should start using them.

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They are Cost-Effective

Video is inherently more effective than text in getting information across, but it is also more expensive. As compared to other forms of animation, whiteboard animations are a lot more cost-effective because they are cheaper to produce. However, when created by expert artists, they do not reflect the low production costs in the final quality of the video by any means. It’s a win-win scenario with whiteboard animations really.

Whiteboards are Easier to Understand

The truth is that people do not generally have a lot of time on their hands these days and whatever little time they do have, they are not going to spend a chunk of it watching what you have to show them, in most situations. Whiteboard animations are a perfect solution to that problem because they take up so little time and it hardly requires any effort on the audience’s part to understand what is being explained.

You Can Include Facts, Figures and Pictures

Whiteboard animations are not really that different from a teacher using the classroom board for explaining concepts to students and that’s a good thing because classroom boards are a proven, effective tool for imparting knowledge, or in this case, your company’s message! Whiteboard animations can include facts and figures just like a written presentation but the animation augments them with pictures and presents them to the audience in a simpler and more enjoyable manner.

Production Time is Very Short

As the animation work is relatively simple, it’s also a great choice if you are in a hurry because the production hardly takes much time at all. The short production time in combination with the cheaper production costs make it possible for a business to produce multiple videos of short length, therefore reaching more target groups, without breaking the limits set by the project’s allotted budget.

They Catch Attention

Ultimately, it’s all about catching attention and whiteboard animations do have a tendency to catch people’s attention because of their simplicity. By nature, we tend to avoid things that seem too complicated or time consuming, and since whiteboards are exact opposites of those two, the audience gives them instant attention without even realizing it. Now, the attention span usually doesn’t last long and that’s again where whiteboard animation videos have an advantage because they don’t last long either.

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, you stand to gain from whiteboard animations as their brilliant success rate isn’t dependent on any business model, but on the tendencies and favours of the human mind itself.

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