Why Consumers Are Finding Inverter Technology Air Conditioners Appealing?

Why Consumers Are Finding Inverter Technology Air Conditioners Appealing

Energy bills escalate with usage of air conditioners, which can affect majority of people. Therefore homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy bills by option for ideal technology air conditioner along with accurate installation, solid room insulation, and proper maintenance.

When you consider technology, BEE has offered people with good star rating units. Currently, inverter technology is efficient and appealing. It saves energy, when compared to regular AC. You can compare the energy efficiency of Voltas or any other inverter technology AC on CompareRaja.in.

Besides energy efficiency buying economically has made inverter technology AC more appealing to consumers.

What is inverter technology?

DC inverter or inverter technology is the most recent evolution with respect to compressor electro-motors. The thermal transfer rate or compressor’s speed is controlled consistently by DC inverters, as per cooling demand.

Inverter technology works similar to car accelerators. When speed is high acceleration is high and vice versa.

DC inverters and regular air conditioner

In regular air conditioner, the compressor works at fixed speed. Alternatively, inverter unit starts at low and increases slowly on basis of desire temperature settings. Fixed speed compressors automatically switch on and off to maintain desired temperature. It also means that energy consumption is same, when the regular unit operates in zero and full capacity.

On the other hand, inverter technology controls compressor capacity. It means inverter technology is the best way to reduce energy consumption. The unit works better with less vibrations and noise level, while they operate.

How inverter technology works?

Variable frequency drive regulates motor speed, which controls the compressor speed. A rectifier converts AC to DC. Pulse Width Modulation or PWM installed in DC inverters enable to generate alternate current of desired frequency. Air conditioner drives a brushless motor. Micro-controller measures the current air temperature, which helps to adjust temperature speed, accordingly.

EER is a term, which is linked with energy efficient ration of new appliances. EER is the cooling capacity of air conditioners. When you visit Curry’s PC World online there will be range of home appliances with EER labels.

EER = Cooling capacity [kJ] per hour/ power used [watts]

Split AC with cooling capacity 10,000 kJ/hour consuming 1,000 watts power has EER of 10. Higher rating means more energy efficient unit. This defines low electric bill and more savings. It is legally mandatory for manufacturers to display EER ratings in visible space.

Benefits of buying inverter technology air conditioners

  • On-off cycle gets removed and efficiency of quick cooling and heating gets enhanced.
  • Lifespan of the compressor gets elongated due to start/stop cycle elimination.
  • The power supply fluctuations can pressurize the air conditioner, which gets removed.
  • Steady operations without any fluctuations
  • Works noiselessly outdoors in comparison.
  • Cost-effective to run with less breakdown scenarios.
  • Heat load depends on day or night aspect, number of people, and climate profile of the location.
  • Inverter AC is flexible and designed to operate in every situation.

The ability to change its running capacity as per needs is helpful in lowering the inverter technology AC’s running cost, so consumers find this unit appealing.

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