Ways to Clean the Stickiest Summer Messes


In the summer, housewives usually deal with tons of spills and mess especially in their kitchen space. Kitchen worktops are known to be familiar with every member of your family because everybody shows up here at least once in a day. Besides, there are other spot at your home where either clutter or dirt is contributed by your dearest family. But that isn’t their fault as the dust and mess usually travels around mostly from outside to inside.

As compare to the other seasons, summer comes with the bigger free package of clutter and spilled sticky stuff. So let’s dig in to check that out;

Juicy Spills

While cooking, sometimes juicy stuff gets spilled on the kitchen worktops especiallywhen you are transferring one into another. Luckily, this won’t really harm if you kitchen countertop is of granite as it has a great resistance. But still lemonade and sugary substance leave some patches over the elegant counter. Therefore, sponging it off the surface as soon as possible would be of great help otherwise it might turn annoyingly sticky to get rid of.

Melted Popsicles

Be thankful if you have children. Be ready if all of them are naughty and stubborn. You know what the kitchen worktops usually hate a lot, it’s the popsicles that quick melt over it especially in summers. Kids eagerly buy ice cream but aren’t good enough to finish it that’s why the safest place they find to get rid of it is the counter top. Therefore, just clean it off with the piece of microfiber cloth quickly as it can set in and get sticky, if there for longer.

I aren’t a Floor, Call me Sandy

You have no idea of how much sand your family brings in from outside. The award of the best sand contributor of this year goes to Summer Season. Undoubtedly, every single juggle of through footpath, puddle, pebbles and even smooth roads get plenty of sand setting into the shoes that one might not realize. This way, they bring witty chunks of sand into home right when they step in and say ‘Mom, I’m home’.

Astonishingly, some sand particles aren’t even found by your vacuum cleaner. In that case, you can use the 50% Stickier Tint Roller that will help you pick the fuzz, lint, hair and even quarters.

Green Stains

You can’t help it especially when your kids are hanging around the lawn and recoloring their white-soled shoes with green sticky stains. But after they are done with gathering all the green stuff on their shoes, it’s your turn to use your magic wand. Keeping it simple and effective, just use the dishwashing scrub to get rid of the great stains. Simply wet, scrub and dry.

In a nutshell, Summer usually bringing tons of messy, dust and clutter that turns up exhausting for the one who is responsible for all the cleaning. Therefore, just apply the techniques mentioned above to get rid of the stickiest stains.

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