Turn Your Family Game Night Into a Learning Experience for Your Youngster

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When it comes to teaching your children additional lessons or even helping them maintain the ones they learn at school while they are at home can seem like an impossible challenge. After all, what student wants to keep learning at home?

However, what if there was a way to teach them subjects like basic math without them knowing it?

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • A regular Monopoly set (the Groupon Coupons page for Amazon can help you out and you can even buy a themed version if you prefer)
  • Small post-it notes or scrap paper and tape

The idea behind the tools is to make changes to the game, so be sure to use them and not use marker on the board itself.

Once you have the board set out on the table, use the paper or the post-it notes to make a couple of changes:

  • Change the purchase price of each property from round and familiar numbers to uneven ones. For example, change the price from $250 to $247.
  • Do the same for the rent payable each time a player lands on the owned property
  • Further, instill a rule where the person who lands on ‘Free Parking’ is allowed 10 seconds to calculate a set percentage of the money in the middle of the game to win the answer as a bonus

Now that you have everything ready it’s time to make your youngster The Banker and put them in charge of handling all of the game’s finances without the use of a calculator.

While it may take them a short while to get going, you can bet that the fun and fast pace of the game will get their brain working fast in no time, reinforcing their math lessons as they play and enjoy the game!

Not only is this a great way for parents to help their children with their learning at home it can also be used as a tool to identify any potential learning challenges. For example, if you find that your student struggles to calculate amounts which include recurring number patterns then it could be a sign that they need a little extra help in class and is something you can discuss with their teachers.

Of course, conversely, this game also has the potential to focus on particular number sets. For example, if your student is struggling with a certain multiplication set, change the amounts on the board to include those numbers. Because you are just using scrap paper or post=its you can easily modify the changes to be more targeted towards a particular learning curve.

Keeping your children’s brains active while they are at home isn’t impossible, it just takes a little creative thinking like the idea mentioned above. So the next time that you are planning a family game night, consider Monopoly or use the idea to alter another game which you all enjoy so that it too can be used as a helpful learning and teaching tool.

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