Treating depressed patients with care and love to ensure thorough recovery

mental disorders

Psychiatrists are an essential fraternity, which belongs to the healthcare sector. They are the ones who deal with mental disorders and incapability. The medications and therapies prescribed by them helps them to correct imbalances in brain chemistry that are thought to be involved in some mental disorders. There are then doctors like Jonathan Lauter who goes the extra mile to treat their patients who are suffering from depression. He ensures that the patient’s treatment is as painless as possible and the recovery is as smooth for the patient as well as their close ones.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter understands that the first encounter is the most important and therefore he ensures that the patient is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Sometimes the patient may be despondent or agitated and may have difficulty in eye contact. This is the reason that the doctor strives to ensure that the patient is comfortable to talk with him irrespective of the problems that the patient might be facing. He ensures that he does not approach as harmful or encroaching in any manner for it would pressurize the patient or even lead him or her into severe clinical depression from where recovery chances would become zero.

Jonathan Lauter MD is also experienced enough to understand that such patients are not what they seem for they inwardly are distressed and may be shouting on the inside. Therefore, he remains calm and becomes more understanding towards the patient. The next different thing that Dr. Jonathan does with his patients is that to have the nature of the depression explicitly explained to him. The patient might need to hear that depression is a triggered due to situations which is basically a resultant of certain chemical imbalances occurring in the brain. It can happen to anyone and may last for months and even years.

For those in a severe episode, there may be even the need for antidepressants. However, he doesn’t just stop here for he explains and clarifies all kinds of apprehensions that the patient might harbor once he or she is diagnosed with the mental disorder. What he explains to the patient is that only right thinking or positive thinking cannot heal depression and will power has no role to play in its removal. Dr. Jonathan Lauter thinks faith might help and provide an important anchor but that would completely depend on the patient. Sometimes meditation and relaxation techniques helps but it does not heal depression.

During the early stages of the treatment, the doctor believes that the patient should be coming at least weekly. He ensures that he is gentle and patience for patients might rebel despite knowing the consequences of depression and may even have stronger suicidal tendencies. He assures the patient of his work and hope of recovery and worth is emphasized to the patient. Sometimes, Dr. Lauter may also ask the patient to be accompanied with a supportive friend which might prove to be helpful. The friend not only assures the patient of his healing but also ensures him or her of his worth.

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