Top 6 Places for Yummy Tacos in Mumbai

Top 6 Places for Yummy Tacos in Mumbai

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish, which is slowly gaining popularity in India. This dish is made of wheat cortilla or corn folded around a filling. This filling can be vegetarian, seafood, pork, beef or Chicken.

If you are planning to have yummy tacos in Mumbai, then we have penned down a list of 6 places to visit.Whether you are looking for Powai restaurants or Colaba restaurants serving delicious tacos, you can find them all here. So, read on.


HQ Headquarters is located in Colaba, South Mumbai, which is best known for Mexican dishes, charcoal grills, and Continental dishes. When it comes to Mexican delicacies, the regulars here recommend trying Tacos. The taste of Tacos at this casual dining restaurant is lip-smacking and worth the price you pay for it. The retro ambience over here is quite good and it is best known for its nightlife.


Copa is located in the Juhuarea of Mumbai. This casual dining restaurant is best known for its finger foods. The outdoor seating, Karaoke and the nightlife are among the most attractive points. Along with the regularly available items like Pizza and Burgers,you must also try the famous Mexican Tacos. This is one of the best places in Mumbai where you can find the best quality Mexican Taco varieties. The staffshere are very courteous and respond to the customer’s queries very quickly. Overall, this is a place worth visiting for the best quality Mexican Taco varieties.

HashTag- The Lounge

HashTag- The Lounge has an attractive ambience. It has a nice dance floor and a very cosy area. It is the best place for couples who are willing to spend some private time together. It serves soul-satisfying food to its customers and offers a wide range of dishes on its menu. The cocktails over here and the Mexican Tacos are must-try items. All in all, if you want to have an amazing weekend with your friends and get good liquor and Mexican food, then this would be the right pick.


BrewBot is an Eatery and Pub Brewery in Andheri West, Mumbai. This bar is kid-friendly and alsooffers live sports screening and live music (one of its best aspects). When it comes to food, it is best known for Italian, Mexican, and European cuisines. Regulars recommend Apple Cider, Mushroom Risotto and Mexican Tacos. If you are a Taco lover, then you must definitely visit this place. It also serves amazing burgers, which are lip-smacking.

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa, located near Andheri West, is the best place for casual dining. Mexican cuisine is one of the best cuisines at this restaurant. It serves the best quality halal in Mumbai. It has plenty of varieties on its beer menu and the price of the food is really worth for the quality they serve. On the whole, this is a place thatyou must not miss if you love tacos.

The Flip Bar

The Flip Bar is located in Kandivali East and is best known for continental and seafood. The Gastro Pub is one of the attractions here. Regulars to this restaurant recommend Tacos, Brownie Chocolate, Mocktails, Thin Crust Pizza, Barbeque Chicken, Veggie Tacos, Potato Wedges and Cheese Corn Balls. Though the price over here is quite expensive, it is worth the quality of the food they serve.

If you are in Mumbai and love Tacos, don’t miss out on visiting these places.

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