Tips: How to Become a Professional Photographer

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When we start the picture we dream of beautiful images admiring the pros often seen with envy. The time passes and we improve, we begin to understand the photo and the pro always remains in our thoughts, our thoughts have just evolved a little, we always admire the pro, but we say …

What if I too became a professional photographer?

This thought is legitimate, especially since according to an Orientation study made in 2013, it is clear that the profession of photographer remains the one who is in first place when asking people what job they would dream of doing.

In the age of filmmaking, people thought it harder to do it, but digital photography has changed the game by offering an openness to this world that sometimes seems so inaccessible and yet dreams.

My photos are (almost) as beautiful as those of some pros, so why not me ?!

The fact of being able to make as many photos as one wants, the fact of having access to the knowledge in a really simple way gives wings to our dreams, and it is precisely there that balance is jostled …

From dream to reality :

Dreaming is one thing, confronting reality is another. The lines that follow are not there to discourage you, on the contrary, but to put a little foot on the ground when talking about living the picture.

When I speak with my students and those who are amateurs sometimes even enlightened, it is almost funny to see the idea that they make of the photographer pro.

If I were to describe it, at the limit of caricature, it would look like something like:

  • Spend most of his / her time making beautiful photos
  • Enjoy life without being constrained by schedules
  • Have beautiful material,
  • Travelling all around the globe
  • Meet beautiful people
  • Earn money

… I admit that there, I also dream of such a job and I understand that seen like that, it can give envy, but the reality is unfortunately much less ideal and much more down to earth.

Be careful, I’m not saying it’s horrible, it’s the worst job in the world, quite the contrary, I’m more than happy to live by my passion, but my life does not resemble the “fantasy” that the General public is made when he imagines the professional photographers in Pune.

For my part, I am rather lucky, because for a few years now, I spend much more time on the field taking pictures than all the other tasks that normally fall to the photographer. So there are always exceptions, but before being an exception, I had to work very very … very hard! And sometimes, depending on the area of photography in which we are headed, work very very … very hard is not enough!

As I have just pointed out, one of the things to keep in mind is that there are many ways to become a pro, many orientations, so I can not describe the use of Time of a photographer, but I can give you the broad lines.

For example, a wedding photographer will have a part of his time devoted to post-processing, for my part, my photo orientation makes that most of the time I do not take care myself of this precise point. In short, there are exceptions for any type of orientation.

You have to see the pro photographer as the manager of a company that would occupy all the positions at once! The photographer must be:

  • administrator
  • Accounting
  • Secretary
  • Publicist
  • Designate
  • Webmaster
  • Community Manager
  • Seller
  • Photographer
  • lighting
  • Assistant
  • retoucher
  • Shooter
  • Technician
  • … etc.

This list is not exhaustive, it is much less glamorous because on a work week, we can estimate that on average a lambda photographer will shoot for 6 to 8 hours for 50 to 60 hours of work In total, when not more.

Do not forget that when one is his own boss, the 35-hour weeks, we can just forget!

Now that we have come back to earth and you are always motivated, for you …

Photographer, craft or passion?


The question may seem surprising in an article that talks about how to become a pro, but it has its importance and it is directly addressed to you.

We can not do things by half, either we launch body and soul, or we do not start.

Becoming a photographer pro does not just make a few pictures on the weekend to round off the end of the month because in this case, we are not a pro but an amateur who hopes to earn money …

What am I saying is hard?

Yes, but realistic, for those who doubt it, when you read a little further on the price of benefits, you will understand that even if it is hard, it is a sad reality, to be photographer pro Time, a lot of time, like a full-time job and who can have two full-time jobs and be performing in both ?!

And it is on the basis of the observation of time that I can say that we can not keep a photographer’s activity and its “food” jobs. One of the two activities will suffer and we all know that in a surge of security, the activity that will do the expense will be the photo. Preserving your job will be your first priority. The photo, which you still see as a leisure, will pass to the ace.

One does not become a professional photographer without jumping into the big bath, all those who have tried have unfortunately taken the hard reality of life in full face. So either we keep our job and we make the photo passionately with love, or we decide to make it his job, and we go! There is no half measure.

Diving from the top of the 10 meters requires courage, but for a safe entrance to the water it also requires good preparation.

The job of photographer is exactly the same thing, if you jump without preparing you, without thinking, the reception will be very painful.

On the other hand, if you take the time to prepare yourself, mark the ground and do everything to make sure things go well, it will be the most beautiful experience you will experience, A new life where you can proudly say that you live your passion!

If you really want to make the photo your craft, it will take a good dose of preparation and a little courage.

We will see together all the steps to get there, but before, what is your …

Orientation as a photographer:

Wanting to become a pro is one thing, but pro in which area?

I will play the mediums, we will say that most people who will read these lines and who want to become pro have thought ” wedding photographer“, some will have dreamed to “photographer in concert” and to finish a part Of my female readership will have thought “photographer for child” … very few will have aimed at another orientation.

But why ?

Wedding photographer does not dream, it’s the words Photographer pro who make you dream. Yet if most people aim for the wedding, concert, and child photography, it is simply because they think, rightly or wrongly, that this is the most accessible area of professional photography .

This is not a criticism, but it is an observation, we often aim for ease and we say that this type of work is simple, a box, a little know-how, a little pub well managed and Can start without much more. People who want to get married, have pictures of their toddler, there are many. These are particulars, they are simpler to convince have no real experience of the photo, one can start with friends and loved ones for the beginning then of eel thread one gets his clientele. Anyway, we already have the material, in the beginning, we can even do this weekend without leaving his work.

We can start safely, touching the pro world but keeping the comfort of a monthly salary of our main business.

We will see later in the article that if the idea and this view of things may seem right, they are a little too simplistic.


It is clear that to become a photographer in an agency is not the simplest thing, nor to become a great reporter and we do not talk about living images that we would do during magnificent safaris, such as the Denis-Huot.

The wedding photo has become a supersaturated market, I invite you to look at what types of photos make the pros that hold a blog, and you will see that they are mostly in one of the categories I quoted, wedding, Child or concert.

The market is clearly pulled down due to too many providers in this market, besides the new ones tend to under-sell themselves thus hoping to get a place.

Yet there are domains in photos that are not yet saturated and that are waiting for your expertise, some non-exhaustive examples:

  • Photographing objects (Packshot): a lot of small and medium-sized craft companies who make objects of all kinds and who want to promote them pass by photographers. Especially the companies that go online.
  • Photographing domestic or farm animals: a secondary market that offers great opportunities especially if one forms different salons and other contests to make this a clientele.
  • Photographer of architecture: the market is not the simplest, but one can find work in collaboration with the various real estate agencies (aim for luxury).
  • Kitchen Photographer: for restaurants and their cards, especially since they all have websites.
  • Virtual visit: the clientele is wide, hotels, real estate agencies, restaurants, etc. It requires good technical knowledge, but the job is very open … at the moment.

There are many other areas you have never thought of before.

Before heading into the top three best sellers of the pro photo, study the market, look first at everything you love, where you feel at ease, and especially do not aim for ease, which is easy Accessible, what is accessible is therefore within reach of all, which is within reach of all is necessarily saturated!

Unfortunately, passion does not live, if I take my example, my favorite field is the photo animal, and well it is it that makes me “lose” money, it is the one that costs me the most Expensive (a 600mm f / 4, it’s not free) while I do not earn a penny with.

In other words, one rarely lives in one’s favorite field of photography.

Studying the market:

When one decides to become a pro, the first thing to learn is patience. One does not get up one morning by wanting to become a pro and the next day one becomes one.

As we saw just before, we must carefully choose the domain in which we are going to officiate, and to do so, you should not base yourself on your skills …

I know, I’m a little bit out of tune with all the other tips you’ll find on the net and elsewhere, which certify that the first thing to master is technique, know-how.

No, the first thing to be mastered is his market, his technique will be adapted to his market, and not the other way round.

Imagine that you decide to photograph watches, one of the most difficult Packshot domains. If you land in this world without knowing anything about it, I can say that you will have no chance of winning any contract, and that goes well beyond your technique in photography.

Imagine the scene, the customer comes to you, limits the tears to the eyes, and s

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