Things For Amateur Indian Rummy Players To Bear In Mind

Things For Amateur Indian Rummy Players To Bear In Mind

If you are an Indian and often find yourself in an awkward position when your friends make an impromptu plan of playing 13-card rummy, then yes, it can get awkward. Rummy with 13 cards is a popular variant in the country, which is why it is also called Indian Rummy. It’s okay if you haven’t yet learned the game; it’s never too late. In fact, today, you even have the option of self-learning by registering yourself on any of the umpteen rummy websites. Moreover, the card game has been officially recognized as a skill-based game and not a gamble by the courts of law in India—all the more a reason to confidently get onto one of those sites and start your journey. However, before you begin, read through the following points:

Choosing the right site

The most important thing before you begin your rummy tutoring happens to be the first thing on the list, which is choosing the right website. Today, there are a lot of platforms that offer various online rummy games that you could choose to play for free as well as cash. There’s is a good chance that you could land up on the wrong site that is a complete rip-off, run by frauds who offer you rigged games and cheat you in cash transactions. Always do the needed research before opting for a site. Read online forums about which is the most recommended site or ask your friends who are regulars at this to suggest their top picks. Even after you have made a choice or have a short list, read up on the terms and conditions listed out and decide if the site actually suits you or not. What works for your mates need not necessarily be the best for you.

Get tutored

After you’ve signed up on a site and are ready to start your rummy journey, take a break. Check out the tutorial section (the site must have one, else it is not a recommended site). Every good rummy website has a tutorial section that details out the basics, rules, strategies, and whatnots about the game, so that newbies like you can learn and experts can revise.


Just like for any other site, the user interface of your chosen rummy site must be easy and quick to navigate. The broad menus on help, assistance, rummy variants, contact us, etc., along with the upcoming and trending tournaments and games, must be right there as you land on the homepage. Similarly, the sub-menus should be well organized so you don’t spend a long time looking for what you might need as a newcomer. In this regard, is a good website that has everything in place and is suitable for amateurs and professionals.

Rummy variations

As a newbie, you will need to read up on the different types of rummy that are popularly played. Having said that, the site that you opt to join must offer most of these games, so that you can decide the variant that best suits you and maybe switch between a few games on a regular basis once you have gained some expertise in them. It goes without saying that you would need to practice playing various rummy games before you get an understanding of which game you’re good at.

Special offers & tourneys

After you have graduated to the level of having a good knowledge base of rummy, keep a tab on the special offers and promotions that your site throws up periodically. Here lies your chance to win bonuses and cashbacks, in addition to the regular cash-based rummy games that you might play on a regular basis. Similarly, keep a check on the tournaments that the site is organizing. Even at the beginner level, you can try your hand at some basic tournaments that offer you a chance to win much more than you would need to invest. You could also read up a little on the tricks to win rummy tournaments before starting off.

Online assistance & cash transfers

Again, just like any other gaming site, your chosen rummy website too needs to have an efficient customer support that is available round the clock. Not only must they have a good knowledge of the games that the site is offering, but must also be able to offer quick solutions to any issue that you might encounter. So also, ensure that the online transactions are secure on the site and that the transfers of your cash prizes are done in the ideal time of 24 hours.


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