These four spots of Ranikhet will rejuvenate you!

These four spots of Ranikhet will rejuvenate you

Life is a race these days and we are constantly running in order to outperform ourselves. Thus it gets very demanding from time to time. We all need to take a break from all this rushing and running. Are you in search of a break from this hectic schedule? Do you want to travel to a nice and tranquil place and come back all fresh and rejuvenated?

Well, nothing heals better than nature and if you love the mountains, then the perfect hill station to visit when it comes to freshening yourself up is none other than Ranikhet. When you start planning your trip, the first thing that you need to do is book a room at a Ranikhet resort of your choice. If you are planning to travel during summer time, then get the booking done at least 3-4 months beforehand since it is the peak tourist season of the year. Once you reach Ranikhet, these are the top 4 places that you ought to visit in order to make sure you get the rejuvenation that you are seeking:

Chaubatia Gardens

One of the foremost attractions of this place is the Chaubatia Gardens. It is a nice place to head out to in the morning to catch a lovely sunrise in the hills. It is indeed a beautiful sight when you see the sun rising from the mountains, painting the snow-covered peaks into gold. Along with the lovely view of this place, this is basically an orchard where plants of various hilly regions grow. There are rows and rows of shrubs beautifying this orchard which grows fruits like peaches, apples, oranges and apricots. Do head out for a morning stroll here.

Bhalu Dam

The Bhalu Dam is an artificial lake that is located just a few kilometres downhill of the Chaubatia Gardens. This artificial lake was built to provide water to the people of this region, since water is always a major crisis in the hilly regions. There is a dense growth of forests that surround this peaceful lake and it is a nice place to visit if you want to spend some time alone in the solitude of nature.


To visit Majkhali, talk to the staff of the Ranikhet hotel where you will be staying and ask them to arrange for a car for you. Then early in the morning after your breakfast, take the car and travel 12kms to reach Majkhali. It is a tiny hamlet in the fringes of Ranikhet, which is well known for the lovely view that it offers. If you are in the mood for picnic in the hills then this is the place to head out to.

Upat Golf course

If you think that a nice game of golf will rejuvenate you, then you should definitely visit the Upat golf course. It is the highest of its kind in Asia. A splendid view of the mountains and 5 star amenities required for a game of golf are all present here.

When you want to make sure that you come back all rejuvenated from Ranikhet, do visit these top 4 places that this hill station offers you.

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