The superlative movie experience at PVR Forum mall, Koramangala

The superlative movie experience at PVR Forum mall, Koramangala

Watching movies has been the best way to relieve stress, to take a break, and to spend a happy time with close ones. It is the interest of every age people. The movie matching experiences now have extra value added benefits with them, the environment, cinema theatres, food, and luxury additions make it even a bigger cherishing moment for everyone. PVR is one such leading film entertainment company in India, which has made the movie experience worth for people. With 625 screens in 51 Indian cities, they are expanding to help people make memories with each movie that they put on money to watch.

The Forum mall, Koramangala offers one such amazing platform for the PVR, where you experience royalty in watching movies. The PVR Forum mall Koramangala has beautiful interiors along with unmatched level of cleanliness in theatres. Various insights could be analyzed as –

  • Show times at PVR Forum mall Koramangala- The first morning show begins at 9:15 a.m. and in several screens of the theatre, different movies run at different time intervals by the end of the day where last show is timed at 10 p.m. This Bengaluru mall has several time slots for each single movie throughout the day, even if you miss one show, in no time the other one would get about to start. These show timings at PVR Forum mall Koramangala can be checked before one goes to watch the movie. The timings of shows for upcoming two days, along with the present day are available accurately on many online websites along with the ticket prices, and movie information.
  • PVR Forum mall Koramangala: address – To visit this remarkable movie theatre in Bengaluru, follow the address- The Forum Mall, 21-22, Adugodi Main Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095. To get some best pictures clicked over the movie, it is a great option to look for. The PVR Forum mall Koramangala location has been center of attraction for people living nearby, as the mall offers variety of ways to cherish, and enjoy. It is easy to reach, and the help of any map software would easily get you here. The online platforms that offer availability of show times, and movies will give complete address plan to help reach the mall, and enjoy the movie without loss of any scene.
  • Food at PVR Forum mall Koramangala- The movie intervals, are time when everyone look to grab some popcorn, and have good snacks in middle of the movie to make it even more interesting. PVR Forum mall offers quality food, and snacks at all show times, with comfortable prices, and packaging to make it affordable to all. The snacks are a must try at the place during interval. The PVR mall also has option of special discount and food vouchers applicable to the movie food court area. It makes the food availed at lesser price, and at better comfort since it gets delivered in between the show timing to your seat in theatre.

No doubt, the mall offers great advantages to all who experience it for watching movies, the fun, and entertainment is real. Just book an online ticket, and rush to the PVR Forum mall Koramangala for the next movie you watch.

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