The Spectacular Underwater Beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

Wakatobi has been chosen as one of the best destination places which have a number of spots and activities that can relax your mind from any busy works. There, most of the underwater species in the world are found. Taking picture is a must when coming to Wakatobi Island. The underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia should be explored more so you will know that a paradise in Earth does exist. Located in South East of Sulawesi, there are four islands which created Wakatobi; they are Wangi-Wangi (WA), Kaledupa (KA), Tomia (TO), and Binongko (BI).

Wakatobi is the best spot to access the world class of coral reefs and any other underwater species. More than forty diving spots in Wakatobi offer their own beauty of underwater living organisms which can please your day and your memorable vacation photographs. Wakatobi is a perfect island not only for divers and snorkelers, but also for those are who love nature and beach. This is a place that you should put into your travel list. Wakatobi is an ideal destination place to run from your daily busy routine. It makes your busy day to be transformed to the highest level of happiness. This is a place where the sun comes to warm your skin and a gentle breeze blows your hair. It will be such a grateful to enjoy the awesome underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia.

The Incredible underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia should be explored more by having some activities there. The best thing to do is doing some water activities since Wakatobi is the greatest place to see the underwater beauty. Here are some the best activities to do when you are in Wakatobi

  • Diving in Wakatobi is a must! Wakatobi diving is something that you should not miss if you have the abilities to dive. There are many resorts and dive agencies which offer you with the daily trips in exploring many amazing spots to dive. Even you are a beginner in diving; the guide will help you to have the best moment in diving. What you should bring is only an underwater camera. If you want to dive, Wangi-Wangi Island is the right place for it.
  • Snorkeling is also the most what-to-do activities when coming to this place. You will be amazed with the underwater cliffs, coral gardens, and colored fishes which can enrich your underwater experience. You will never get bored to be under the water.
  • Watching the Dolphins. Wakatobi offers the beauty performance of the dolphins that are swimming in around Wakatobu Marine Park. The local people and your guide can predict when they are coming but mostly they swim near the island at 6am or 7am.
  • Sailing, Kite Surfing, and Kayaking. Beside those three activities above, you still can do many things to enjoy your vacation in this place. All equipments that you may need are available there and rented. Once you get to the hotels, ask them about renting the equipment to do water activities. Enjoy your vacation with much happiness and go back home with a bunch of exquisite memories.

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