The Importance of Communication in Real Estate Networking According to Sammy Zherka

Sammy Zherka

The real estate industry is an industry that operates on communication. It is very important for you to note that you are a real estate professional, communication is very important for you. Communication will help you to network with the right people and expand your contacts. Sammy Zherka is an experienced and skilled real estate professional with over 30 years of invaluable experience in the field of real estate consulting and investing. He says that when you aspire to become a real estate professional, you must ensure that you have the right contacts. This is where networking becomes a vital aspect of your profession.

Understanding the essence of communication for effective networking

When it comes to networking, it is crucial for you to ensure that you communicate with the right professionals. There are networking events and meetings that take place in the industry and here it is crucial for you to take a step and go to them on a regular basis. Even if you are new to the industry, these events and meetings will become a major learning platform for you. Ensure that you have your business card ready. Take out your business card and give it to every person you meet. Merely going to such events is not enough; you must have the mindset to meet people as well.

Communication -oral and written

When it comes to communication, it is crucial for you to focus on both oral and written communication. This form of communication will help you prosper in the field of real estate. In fact, when you are focusing on the process of communication, you also need to place an emphasis on listening skills as well. In the real estate industry, it is crucial for you to understand the client needs and for that patient listening is very important. A good real estate agent or advisor will never impose his or her ideas on the client. With time and practice, you gradually become an effective real estate consultant and can guide bigger clients like business houses.

The need of finding a good mentor for your career growth

When you are focusing on networking and communication, it is crucial for you to find a very good mentor for your needs. Your mentor will ensure you get the training you require for a lucrative career ahead. However, when you are looking for the right mentor, ensure that you choose one that ensures you get the care and attention you deserve especially in the beginning of your career. It is important to pay attention to minute details even when you are making crucial and big decisions. With the aid of the above tips, you will become a successful real estate professional with time.

Therefore, Sammy Zherka says that you should never rush with your career and get down to business fast. Take time to learn. This learning phase will bring in a lot of benefits when it comes to both your present and future career prospects. Ensure that you take your time and always remember to network well with the right people!

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