Save Yourself from Chicanery: Elements to Look for While Buying Abstract Art

Buying Abstract Art

People are often of the opinion that it is easy to cheat by using abstract art as the weapon. Most certainly such cases have taken place wherein individuals have been deceived and a fake or unreal piece of artwork was sold to them. There is no denial to the fact that art is an expensive affair. As these pieces demand a high amount of money, it is extremely important to consider its various aspects before purchasing it. After all, you are investing your hard earned money into these art paintings. You have the complete right to question and scrutinize in order to ensure that you are getting the value of each and every penny being spent by you.

No one wants to be deceived. However, as people lack the understanding of various attributes of artworks, they aren’t able to identify the loopholes and end up falling for the bait. Whether you are looking forward to purchasing magnificent abstract art or wish to expand your knowledge base, here are few tips that can help you in unveiling the realities of an art piece.

  • Colours:
    The colours are the most important aspect of any artwork. If you observe the colours of a painting, they will be able to narrate the entire story to you. Any professional artist would create an artwork in a manner that all the colours blend seamlessly and beautifully, unless otherwise intended. If you find something questionable it is quite possible that there is something fishy. You must consult an expert before investing your money in that particular art piece.
  • Uniformity:
    Scrutinising your abstract art painting is extremely important. It is so because you will be able to find out trends and patterns within the painting. You must always hunt for consistency within the painting as well as with the artist’s portfolio and personality. In every art piece, the elements are always in harmony and collectively contribute towards a thought. In addition to this, every artist has a distinct personality and all of his or her creations are in line with that character. Anything suspicious which is beyond these two points should ring an alarm in your mind.
  • Connotation:
    There is a deep meaning behind every art as the artist devises it with certain kind of intention in the back of his or her mind. Art is such a medium which helps in communication and is used by artists to tell something. A strong emotion, either positive or negative, is hidden beneath the colours and textures of an abstract art painting. This emotion helps in binding the painting and its various elements together. If an abstract art is created randomly it would lack the depths of personality and this would be visible. Purchasing a painting without meaning is like buying a car without engine, it won’t be of any use.
  • Composition of Texture:
    The importance of texture in a painting can’t be emphasized upon enough. The surface and feel of an abstract art goes on to communicate a lot about it. A good artist plays with layering and ensures that the art piece comprises of an assemblage of layers. These coats go on to create that slight rough texture which gives a beautiful impression to the entire painting.
  • Ease:
    If the strokes are uneven or distressed, then you will be able to recognize it right away. Extremely conscious paint rub can be a sign of an amateur artist. Experienced professionals are extremely confident and their each stroke is planned with a strong intention backing it. In abstract art the splash of paints might look random but it is extremely well planned.

Aforementioned tips are some of the most distinguished ways of identifying any fake elements in an abstract art painting. A proper knowledge of these will help you in developing intelligence towards original abstract art and recognizing the difference between appropriate arts from the not-so-appropriate ones.

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