Sandy Petrocelli- The Legendary Sausage Race Of The Milwaukee Brewers!

They are known as Little Weenies and they complete the remaining part of the race

Today, if you are a fan of The Milwaukee Brewers, you will definitely know about their famous Racing Sausages. These adorable Sausages love to race one another at every match and they are so popular that they are even booked for private events when the team is not playing. Now, the question arises how did this Sausage Race start and who was the brain-child behind it?

Sandy Petrocelli- The history of the Racing Sausages

Sandy Petrocelli is a marketing student in the USA and he is fond of sports. It is obvious that he is a fan of the teams of Wisconsin from where he belongs. He not only has a keen interest in watching his favorite teams play but he is equally interested in their formation history and their evolution down the years. He says when it comes to the famous sausages of the Milwaukee Brewers, they began as cartoons. They used to appear as cartoon characters racing on the large score board when the team used to play their home games. Everyone started to note these racing sausages till one day three of them came out live to race as a surprise to the happy onlookers. The three sausages that appeared live on the field for the first time were Brat, Polish Sausage and Italian Sausage. Later, fans saw the addition of two more sausages- The Hot Dog and the Chorizo. They were introduced and joined their three counterparts in 2000.

Who are these racing sausages?

The racing sausages are actually employees of Milwaukee Brewers or the workers at Miller Park. They wear over-sized costumes that starts from their heads and ends at their knees when they are running in the race. The sausages begin their race at the space that is located between the dugout to the baseline. They use the warning track to race and they sprint towards the first base. When the home games are played on Sundays, these racing sausages come out on the field to tag off as mini-versions of themselves. They are known as Little Weenies and they complete the remaining part of the race.

They also participate in charitable events

When it comes to charity, these racing sausages willingly participate in them as well. They can be booked in advanced and they are a regular feature when it comes to fund raising for any good cause. These racing sausages are so popular that they make their appearances at local events for charity all -round the year. They also participate in the yearly 5K run or walk whose proceedings go to the Brewers Community Foundation. They also make personal appearances when they are not playing games. They also participate in races against The Racing Pierogies and The Pittsburgh Pirates. These races are conducted twice a year says Sandy Petrocelli. These Sausages are loved by both the old and the young. They are adorable and if you are a fan of The Milwaukee Brewers you should not miss them with their playful and energetic races during the home games of the team!

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