Planning a Trip to Singapore? Here Are Some Places Which You Cannot Afford To Miss

Singapore places to visit

Singapore is a tourist destination site, which should be in your travel itinerary. This is because it has loads of attractions that can meet the needs of the adventurous at feet and heart. It is also big on coupling, honeymoon as well as those looking for some time alone, solitude.

This island city-state boasts of its tropical climate and amulticultural population that supplements its charm and beauty in every way, across the world. You can never run out of places to visit here, as it has a wide mix of ultra-modernism and medieval magnificence that never fails to impress.

Besides, it has a rich history that surrounds its fine blend. Therefore, read on and get to know some few places to visit in this top-rated Singapore places to visit article.

1.     Singapore Flyer

This is the largest giant wheels in Asia and surges 165 meters high. This observation wheel can give you the most spectacular view of Singapore. You can pick your viewpoint or stopover point. Likewise, you can just wait for the sunset and take it all in. This is the most beautiful time in Singapore, sundown.

Moreover, it is the best place to learn about its history and technology behind it. In relation, you also get to know more about Singapore.

This tourist attraction in Singapore gives you a nice skyline view as a well as a view of the F1 track, parts of Malaysia and Indonesia as well as the Gardens by the Bay.

2.     Botanic Gardens

If you want a break from the city noise, then this serene garden is the best place to be. It is surrounded by exotic and endemic species of flora, which enhances its evergreen luscious charm and beauty.

Nature lover usually flocks its environs for a chance to see different species of Mother Nature. In addition, it has loads of lakes full of swans and ducks. You can also sit and listen to the soothing music created by the wind, birds,and trees. Besides, kids can enjoy it too.

It is the perfect spot to see the Orchid, Singapore’s national flower.

3.     Singapore Zoo

This zoo houses more than 300 species from koalas to white tigers, zebras,and long-tailed macaques. Besides, it has loads of endangered animals and species that are bound to interest you in the animal kingdom, even some you might not know exist.

This zoo is divided into different sections depending on animal habitat. Therefore, you can find some polar bears in the Frozen Tundra section and some beetles and insects in the Fragile Forest section. Moreover, you can see the Java Langurs in the Primate Kingdom.

There are also other attractions to see and experience like the Splash Safari Show, the Jungle Breakfast and the Orangutan Exhibit. So do not miss this spot for a chance to learn more about different species of animals. You can even go with your family and kids.

4.     Punggol Waterway Park

Here you will find your bliss, as it has four different themes you can choose from. You can relax while sightseeing the scenic waterway view at Nature Cove Zone or surround yourself with flora and fauna at Green Gallery Zone.

At its Recreation Zone, you can have some fun with sand and water. It is the best place for families with kids. You will also find a fitness corner here, ideal for everyone.

Its Heritage Zone is where you can take a walk along the old Punggol Kampong, the last surviving village in Singapore. So make plans for a visit here, either with your family and kids, friends or alone. It is worth it.

5.     Changi Museum

This is a popular museum in Singapore because it holds the history of Singapore under the Japanese rule, during WWII. The history is narrated through photographs, letters, and drawings. Likewise, you can also get a guided audio tour through the whole of it.

Moreover, it is divided into five zones, including a gift shop and a chapel, in the middle. Besides, each of its zones has a series of unique murals recreated from the originals done by Bombardier Stanley Warren.

6.     Clarke Quay

For the best and memorable nightlife in Singapore, this here is the place to be. This is because it has loads of loud pubs, food joints as well as spirited discotheques and rooftop bars that will make your night in Singapore eventful and unforgettable.

Its streets are always buzzing with neon lights here and there. You can also see the reflection of its skyscrapers in the glittering Singapore River. There are also other fun things you can do like bungee jumping among others. You just have to look for what interests you, as Clarke Quay has it all.


In conclusion, Singapore is full of adventures that can race your heart. It also has loads of serene nature, flora and fauna, beautiful waterways and historic museums and monuments that can teach you a lot about it. Besides, it is fun and enjoyable, for everyone.

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