Pavilion- A Paradise For Shoppers In Malaysia

A Paradise For Shoppers In Malaysia

Around the world, we can find so many places for shopping. People keep on searching for a better shop to fulfil their shopping hunt. The increase in the growth rate of travel and tourism in recent years, has increased the number of shopping places around the world. People mostly prefer to shop in malls because shopping mall is comfortable and convenient with a variety of stores under one roof. Malaysia has a number of sightseeing places and shopping mall. To experience luxury shopping, quench your shopping thirst at Pavilion KL, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and a shopping paradise of Malaysia. It has many tourist places like Merdeka square, Chinatown, Petron as Twin Tower and much more. Pavilion is an expansive shopping mall located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a mall with more than 450 stores from international fashion brands in eight different floors. Pavilion mall is a famous shopping spot for both tourists and locals and it is anecstasy for shoppers.

To do’s at pavilion

The upper level of this mall holds various furniture store which is quite expensive. It also has a pair of amusing art stores together with some public art exhibitions. In the 5th and 6th floor of pavilion mall, cinema theatres are located. This theatre has luxurious recliner chairs, where you can almost lie fat and enjoy the picture. You are provided with a warm blanket because the air-conditioning of the hall. When you press the signal button, the butler comes up to take the snack order list. The big screening, luxury chair and delicious snacks give you a remarkable movie experience, especially, the gold class screenings are miraculous.

Pavilion has so many food courts and restaurants where you can enjoy lunch or dinner. You can have so many options for dinner. To enjoy local dishes, a very popular food court is located in 1st floor of the mall. Here, the prices are very reasonable and also you can enjoy a tasty meal prepared in front of you. In this mall, a Japanese restaurant who servers freshly made soba which is very nice over here. Right next to the main entrance of the mall, there are two great places to clutch a coffee and snack.

Bintang circle is placed at the center, which is the central meeting point within the mall. This location is used for presentation and events.Especially during festival seasons,Pavilion is wrapped with decorative lights. During Christmas, the mall is decorated with huge Christmas trees with snow falling.  For the Chinese New Year celebration, the mall is completely filled with red lanterns. The cherry blossom trees, at outside gives a pleasant appearance.Pavilion is open daily between 10am and 10pm where bars and restaurants are open until 2am. During night-time, the traffic is higher. An official taxi counter is located in front of Pavilion where you can easily hire a taxi for a fixed-price.

Pavilion had won the Malaysia tourism award for most innovative shopping center in 2009. To purchase branded popular accessories quench your shopping thirst at Pavilion KL, Malaysia. Don’t miss Pavilion architecture with its iconic post-modern look.If you are in hunt of international fashion brands and popular local brands, Pavilion is your right place.

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