Motivation Alert: How Startups Can Build a Relationship With Youngsters?

How startups can build a relationship with youngsters

How startups can build a relationship with millennials and maintain a competitive brand

Millennials are the most studied generation. This is because they make up more than half of the world population and are a unique compared to their predecessors. They share information in very many ways. They are not afraid or hesitant in saying what they want and are very vocal in both positive and negative way. Creating poorly designed products and attempting to market it to millennials will only hurt your brand. They will tell you to your face that your products are not cool, they are not up to the standard.

This level of honesty can be tapped and utilized by small business owners to improve their brands, come up with goods and services that will please the very dynamic, very educated and innovative generation the world has ever seen. Some of the ways a startup company can effectively appeal to the youngsters and retain them as loyal customers include;

Startups Can Build a Relationship With Youngsters

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Be on social media platforms and learn how to use them the same way the youngsters do

Millennials are tech-savvy, very collaborative and eager to learn. They share information freely among themselves, and they do this on social media platforms. The boardroom meetings are an old thing. About 60 percent of the millennials use and update information on the internet every day. The content is in the form of pictures, images, short videos and short texts. When connecting with the youngsters, be sure to use short messages, short content. The concentration span of a millennial is very low. They are always looking to multitask and do not appreciate something that takes too much of their time.

Be unique in all ways

The young adults and teens between the ages of 13 and 34 believe that they are a unique generation. Everything they do, wear or eat define them. They always want to stand out. Make your brand exceptional as well. You will win their trust by standing with what you are. A good example is Uber, through their app, many youngsters can now move around as their wish using the very convenient yet very unique brand that is also very simple to use. Remember your aim is to remain relevant in a group of people whose attention span is very low. You have no option but to stand out as a unique brand.

Be very inclusive when marketing

Millennials are the most non-racist generation ever to exist. This could be because of the higher interactions with people from all over the world. A study shows that about 11% of the millennials are at least born to one immigrant parent. If you want your brand to sell, you better don’t come out as a discriminative brand. Target the age group, not a race. This is according to the US Chambers of Commerce Foundation that also found out that, 45% of youngsters are willing to allow preferential treatment to the minorities to bring equality.

Be authentic and very admirable

Millennials can sense a lie from far. Any fabrication will only affect your reputation. Be genuine and win their trust. Build a brand in your own way and market it as it is. Being authentic will not be enough, you have to create an exciting brand, something that the youngsters can relate to and crave to use or own. In their generation, bring things have no place, they have zero tolerance for things they find monotonous. Google is one of the brands that has remained very interesting. One cannot imagine the internet without google.

Stay current and be very transparent

Mobile applications are cropping up every day. More exciting or cool sites come and get the attention of millennials every few days. As a company, a youngster will respond to you when he/she realizes that you are up to date with technology. Do not stay on Facebook and Twitter only. Diversify, use snapchat, google plus and Pinterest among other sites to remain connected and relevant. It is while on this sites that you will understand their preferences and their expectations. When interaction with this generation, be sure to be very honest. They expect information to flow in all directions. Lie to them, and they will eventually find out the truth, this will ruin your image as a brand. Remember the youngsters share information widely and through many platforms.

Motivate them and be supportive

Reassure the young ones, letting them know that your brand is a big fan of their undertaking. The youngsters are very entrepreneurial, about half of them or two-thirds believe that entrepreneurship is the way to go. Already 27% of the millennials are already running successful businesses. Encourage them, and as mentioned earlier, they are very good at spreading information. Your company will have built a name for itself by lending a hand to this generation. 61% of Millennials look up to their parents and guardian more than they look up to religious leaders and politicians. So be their mentor and earn their respect. A good example is the many groups of high school students from Nz Youi kids who were very happy when they were appreciated for being an innovative team. They were also thrilled to receive scholarship money to further their education.

Utilize analytic data techniques

About 60% of small businesses that have used efficiently big data analytics have recorded an increased growth. The young ones use mobile applications, tweets, and emails to communicate. Invest in some mobile data analysis techniques, and you will get to know what the customers expect from you. Millennials have a very high IQ level, the information you will gather from their internet use will with no doubt increase your competitive advantage. According to the University of Oxford in collaboration with IBM Institute of Business Value, about 66% of companies that utilize big data analytics have increased their competitiveness in just two years.

Companies and especially startups have no any other option but to adapt to what the business field has become. You will now operate your business based almost entirely on the feedback you get from your consumers.

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