Maximizing Return On Investment By Call Center Outsourcing


Outsourcing has showcased visible results in the last few years. Every business entity, no matter how big or small has given a shot to utilizing proficient services of professional call center outsourcing companies at some point during the life cycle of their business. It is a well-established fact that outsourcing has its fair share of benefits such as reduced costs, improvement in levels of productivity and boost in efficiency. So the question arises, how do we make sure that we’re able to garner maximum returns from our arrangement?

Let us prepare some of the pointers about how we can achieve maximum results by opting to go ahead with outsourcing.

  • Setting up measurable goals

A prolific strategy for outsourcing is dependent on the measurability of goals and clarity of objectives. Our objectives need to outline some reasons for outsourcing our call center vertical to a professional agency that is well-versed in resolving customer queries. A professional business entity would need to create a framework based on which it can approach several reputed call center outsourcing companies for various areas in which they are looking to opt for outsourcing such as projects to outsource, outsourcing model to use. This practice will also help us in evaluating the level of risk that can be expected while performing this task. Once the objectives are cleared it is important to develop measurable goals which can act as a barometer for measuring performance.

  • Managing our expectations

In a scenario where a business entity is expecting to achieve 50 percent reduction in costs in the very first year of outsourcing call center services, then it needs to bring those expectations down by at least 2500 basis points. In fact, it is unusual for business units to achieve 50 percent reduction in costs especially when they are looking to outsource their IT services. Thus, it is extremely significant for us to match our results with commonly derived industry benchmarks. It is also important to note that despite the fact that there is a huge difference between 50 percent and 25 percent, the latter is still a substantial profit margin that will help us in widening profit margins.

  • Keeping track of the costs

Business conglomerates need to be aware of the fact that their expectations also need to reflect on all the costs pertaining to outsourcing program, since they often tend to undermine the actual costs of the arrangement. There are various hidden costs that need to be taken into account while selecting among the call center outsourcing companies and come up with the best one. The costs also include the ones incurred on knowledge transfer, removing redundancies and managing an offshore contract. These cots add up considerably to the estimated costs in the beginning.

  • Weighing the risks and managing them

When a business is on the lookout for outsourcing companies, it needs to take into account, the significance of making informed decisions and devising an effective strategy for risk-mitigation. This activity goes way beyond than keeping a track of things that can possibly go wrong. It is more about active monitoring of risk-mitigation strategies that need to be kept up-to-date dependent on the expected levels of impact. More than anything, it is about selecting the best call center solution provider that has an expertise in devising reliable contingency plans.

  • Measuring the benefits

In a scenario where we come to a realization that gains are running short of our expectations, we would be required to conduct an assessment and take the necessary corrective action. In a similar vein, if the actual outcomes are better than the expected ones, there is absolutely no need to feel that the expectations were below par and downplay our achievement. One of the best ways to measure the benefits of an outsourcing mechanism is when we separate the overhead costs incurred from the normal costs of the project and recombining them to see how much we shelled out for the arrangement as compared to our cost savings.

We can interpret from our discussion that maximum return on investment can be achieved if we keep track of the pointers mentioned above while selecting the best among the available call center outsourcing companies.

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