Major Uses of Wireline Pressure Control Tools

Western pressure

Wire-line used in oilfield terminology means that a wire of any size, composition and length is being used to perform some type of services within the well bore. The basic use of wire-line is manipulate wire-line tools such as tubing gauging and flow control devices. The function of Wire Line unit is an integral part of the work-over and completions industry. It operations provide an economical means of regulating and controlling well fluid flow and clearing the tubing flow path of obstructions such as sand, scale, and paraffin. It is used for Depth measurement, Temperature and pressure surveys , Modification or regulation of the flow rate, Stopping or deviating the production, Separating different layers of formation, Opening and closing circulating ports, Tubing calibration, Removal of paraffin and cleaning of tubing in general, . Bottom whole sampling, Tubing perforation.

It may be referred to by a number of names. Solid single strand line may be described are Slick Line, Piano Wire, Solid line, measuring Line. Fishing job and swabbing operation used by multi strand wire which is usually described as braided line. As well depths have increased over the years since the first measuring lines were brought into use accompanied by increased working loads, it has become necessary to develop Wire Line having a high strength and weight ratio.

Equipment manufactured to the most stringent quality standards, comprising of a fully comprehensive range including specialized packages to greatly reduce manual handling and enhance the safety of any wireline intervention. Western pressure provides an extensive portfolio of wireline pressure control equipment including wireline valves, stuffing boxes, grease heads and tool catchers for sale and rental. Hunting provides coiled tubing pressure control equipment designed to enable efficient coiled tubing operations. We designed and manufactured pressure control units, accumulators and other job-specific equipment that have revolutionized the market.

We have also fine-tuned numerous ways to monitor and control pressure, while wireline operations are active. Document processes are always maintained to ensure HSE requirements are implemented.Stuart’s sophisticated technical knowledge, innovative thinking and commitment to excellence means that customers receive value-added recommendations during all phases of operations.

Their bottom line is your bottom line, because they make it economical to get everything you need in one place. They’ve invested tens of millions of dollars to make this possible and we’ve invested most of that money during one of the Industry’s worst downturns. Their focus is to get you everything you need, from one source, and to save you time and money in the process.

Whether the industry is busy or slow, they aremanufacturer that can be consistently counted on, no matter what. They are better under pressure because we have decades of experience to set things up correctly, quickly and according to the highest industry safety standards. They deliver what you need, when and where you need it and we do it right. In order to get detailed information about wireline pressure control tools, you can visit their official website.

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