Look out for these common mistakes people make while applying for JEE 2018

Look out for these common mistakes people make while applying for JEE 2018

Have you applied for IIT JEE 2018? Waiting for your IIT JEE MAIN admit card? With so little time left for the main exams, it is high time that the candidates prepare themselves in the best possible manner to enhance their chances of getting selected in this highly prestigious national-level exam. IIT is one of the most reputed engineering colleges in India. As such, several young students from across the corners of the country look forward to getting admission in the different branches of IIT in order to pursue a lucrative career ahead.

While applying or preparing for the IIT JEE 2018, there are some points that you need to keep in mind in order to achieve the desired results. As such, here are some common mistakes that you should refrain yourself from making during the JEE 2018. Read on so that you score better than your peers:

  • Ignoring the Basic Concepts: For those who are still unaware, clearing the IIT exams is all about being precise and cut-clear about the basic concepts of all the opted subjects. There are several cases of the students being ignorant of this fact as they strive forward on a journey of studying exhaustively from multiple books & study materials without giving importance to the basic concepts. While preparing for the IIT JEE main exams, the experts from TOPPR suggest that the students should focus on preparing from the NCERT study materials in order to strengthen their understanding of the basic concepts.
  • Giving More Importance to One Subject: It is understandable that as a candidate, you might find a particular subject more interesting than the other. However, this should not restrict you to the same subject without giving any focus on the other important subjects as well. Clearing the tougher IIT main exams is more about imparting equal level of time & dedication to each subject that you have opted for. If you fail to clear the passing percentage of each subject or section in the exam, all your hard work and hardcore preparations might go into vain. As such, you must focus on all the given aspects of the IIT main exam syllabus in a proper manner.
  • Falling into Traps: The IIT main exam can be indeed a highly tricky one. As the students keep solving similar questions over & over again during their preparatory phase, they form a tendency of identifying & solving the similar questions in a given manner with respect to their self-interpretation. However, it is important to realize that most of the MCQ questions in any IIT JEE exam tend to be highly deceptive. As such, it is vital to be extra cautious while solving them. You must ensure that you have read and understood the given question properly without jumping to conclusions too soon.

Avoid these common mistakes while applying or preparing for the upcoming IIT JEE 2018 exams. Give your best shot and shine out! Good luck!

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