‘Last Night’ Movie Review

Last Night Movie Review

The very famous actors, Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual was seen together for their brand-new film, this time under the direction of Joyce Bernal named “Last Night.” So, we at http://www.pinoybigbrother.info/ thought to review the movie for our Filipino followers. The film is Bella Padilla’s debut work as a screenwriter and no doubt, she did a great job. A seemingly familiar rom-com movie on the surface, the film takes a darker and interesting twist by introducing thriller and paranormal genre kicking off with Mark (Pascual) and Carmina’s (Gonzaga) who met each other while amid committing suicide. This is where the real romance starts.

First and foremost, the movie is beautifully shot. Its backlighting and amazing locations around old Manila city added more beauty to the overall viewing experience of watching the movie “Last Night.” The old school street lamps and incredible architecture and alluring backdrops made it easy to believe how effortless it is to get attached and fall in love with whom you had just met especially when there’s already a not so strong connection between the two of you. The emotions and how the love story then folds between the two is worth watching.

Gonzaga and Pascual were seen together in various projects including ‘Starting all over again’, they once again proved that they can do justice with their acting skills in about any genre. Thanks to their beautiful chemistry and good acting skills. The two showed the perfect acting skills making their character look real and easy to relate.
While the movie boldly lunges on a different twist at the romantic genre, the plot execution feels too exaggerated at times. All throughout the film, there were hints of a possible time-lapse with several newspaper clippings from the Martial Law era to the various changes in mood and lighting with small details at the background that makes the plot twist more interesting. However, the real thing does not come until the third part of the movie, but unfortunately the story by then, has lost its plot and appeal. We all already know that a big surprise will be coming and we know that it will change the way the whole film initially perceived, but its prolonged scenes significantly decrease the element of excitement that meant to go alongside with the story.

In addition to the paranormal side of the story that does not seem to do justice as it could have possibly done. Carmina’s entanglement in the “middle world” and her role of saving other people from attempting the same mistake of committing suicide does not do anything progressive to the film’s story.

Although it’s not a perfect blend of genres, but still the film “Last Night” is still a good rom-com flick. The film has all the necessary things that was needed for a perfect love story. From its fun filled dialogue to its intimate moments the movie is worth watching. Just its integral thriller part was lacked that could be fixed with any additional bits that will help further with the Carmina character more effectively. Stay tuned for more amazing reviews on www.pinoybigbrother.info

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