Know why Vintage Cars are worth restoring!

Vintage Cars Are Worth Restoring

Why Vintage Cars Are Worth Restoring

Old Vintage cars that have been through the restoration process is able to give the onlooker a glimpse into the past of what that era of time was like for that type of vehicle. It gives one a sense of wonder looking at the different interiors, the door handles, the body shapes, the shifters… especially for old car enthusiasts. Old cars that have been restored by their owners that are displayed at parades, car shows, and cruise meets are admired by young and old alike.

Sure, there are many of us who would rather just go out and buy an old Vintage car. Many people do not have the patience to put into a restoration project. But the truth is, with the right planning and mindset, it is absolutely possible to restore a classic car while maintaining a reasonable budget.

1000 Hours

Most classic car experts estimate that it can usually take around 1,000 hours to fully restore a classic car, depending on the car and the shape that it’s in when you find it. If you find a car that will need less work done to it, obviously, you will be paying more for it. And if you find a heap of junk that you’ll be starting from scratch with, you’ll probably be getting that for dirt cheap.

Replacement Parts Needed

So, when you find the car that is best suited for you and the budget you will have to work with, you will then need to estimate the number of replacement parts needed for the vehicle. You may even be able to find some at salvage yards depending on the vehicle. That can really save one some money. Checking online for people parting out similar vehicles can help as well.


The satisfaction that comes from restoration really comes down to doing the work yourself, although you will probably need some help down the road with different aspects of the vehicle. But that can also be a fun adventure in itself. For some car enthusiasts, I know, they have “car parties” where everyone comes together to pitch in and help put an engine in, or whatever they are undertaking at that particular moment. It can be a wonderful way to bond with other car enthusiasts, and share knowledge and experience with each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Driving a Vintage car has a special style and character that newer models cannot compare to. Sure, they may not have all the bells and whistles that newer cars come with. However, classic cars gather much more attention and stand out from the crowd against all of the same old lookalike modern vehicles. And they gather plenty of conversation and head turning from bystanders!

Bringing People Together

If you are already an auto enthusiast, the Antique Automobile Club of America has a website and a magazine, and has National meets and tours and Regional events to bring all enthusiasts together. You don’t even have to own a Vintage car to belong, just a keen interest. It’s all about bringing people together for exiting activities, new friendships, and the love of classic automobiles. They post a calendar of events on their website at It’s definitely worth checking out.

Deep Appreciation

There is also a deep appreciation of Vintage cars that when restored, gives one a feeling of having saved a true piece of craftsmanship. Classic car production was largely a manual process when these cars were made. These cars were put together with manual processes by craftsmen who had only simple tools and needed experience and great hand and eye coordination. So, people who appreciate these types of cars truly know the dedication and dexterity that came into producing these vehicles. And that is why, many of these classic cars have stood so well over the passage of time.

Feeling of Nostalgia

And last but not least, the great feeling of nostalgia is one of the many facets to true bliss when a vintage car is fully restored. It may remind someone of the first time they ever drove their first car, or went on their first date. Whatever the reason, there just seems to be something magical that Vintage cars bring out in people, no matter what age.

Classic cars are also very appealing due to the shakes, the roars, the smells, the vibrations, and yes even the speeds of some. Having rode in plenty myself, it is truly a magnificent experience and restoration is definitely on my bucket list.

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