John Clemenza And The Care Needed For Dental Implants

Care Needed For Dental Implants

Maintaining the artificial teeth seems easy but is not so. It requires a lot of care and necessary precaution. Regular doctor visits must be carried out from time to time. John Clemenza advises the patients on the maintenance of these dentures in terms of brushing as well as visits to the dentist. Proper care is very much needed and quintessential to collect the desired information. Medical advice by the doctors will definitely go a long way.

John Clemenza and the tips to be followed while going in for dental implants

Dental implants must be cared for and necessary precautions followed to the maximum possible extent. Some of the tips are listed as below:

  • Proper attention must be given to hygiene

As the title itself suggests, good care of the natural as well as artificial teeth are important and must be carried out at all points of time. Diseases of all sorts must be kept at a bay and complications must be avoided. Water is a good source to keep the bacteria away; hence it should be consumed in large amounts. Hydration is essential and must be given due significance.

All kinds of sweets especially the sticky ones should be avoided and more and more of the raw vegetables and fruits should be consumed. In case a person happens to eat junk food or is not able to resist him/her from the craving of the same, then one should rinse the mouth as soon as possible. This will certainly help protect the dental implants for a longer duration of time.

  • Use of tobacco should be a complete no

Tobacco is not good for the health and this is a well known fact. Anyways it is not good for the patients who have undergone dental implants. Such implants generally fail and are a cause of great concern. Various complications can be seen and need to be countered before they effect the entire tooth badly. So it is always better to quit smoking especially if the patient has undergone any kinds of implant related surgeries.  Smoking badly affects the teeth and more so the implants so it is advisable to quit as early as possible for the health of the patient as well as the people attending him/her.

  • Brushing the teeth at regular intervals

Brushing is a much needed activity after one has consumed something or the other. In fact it is always advised to rinse the mouth after every meal for the oral hygiene of the teeth. More so brushing should be mandatorily done twice – once in the morning after a person gets up and second at the time of going to bed and ending the day off.  Brushing and implants go vice versa in terms of both needs to be taken care of and performed in the best of the manner.

To sum it up, John Clemenza advises all the patients to take good care of the teeth as well as the implants. Visit to a dentist must be a regular feature, probably six monthly affair.


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