Implement Virtual Reality in your Smartphones

Implement Virtual Reality in your Smartphones

What is virtual reality? A question that has been asked by millions of people and most of them thinks that the answer is some complex mechanism that is out of bounds for a common man to understand. But the true answer is far from this fact. Technology is and has always been evolving and virtual reality is surely going to be the next big thing in the feat of technological advancements. This juxtaposition is what fascinates the human mind and attracts them towards virtual reality.

It consists of a pair of goggles that projects the output on the screen and a headset that is connected to the gaming console or the device that runs the VR machine. You will also need a nice pair of headphones to enhance your experience of being in another world.

Smartphone virtual reality also works in a much similar way;it simplifies things by using your phone for the screen and the sensors. The first thing that you would need is the headset which is designed to fit over your eyes. There is a pair of lenses and a screen inside the headset. The mechanism of seeing an image in three-dimension is explained by the display of slightly different images for each of our eyes which do the trick for our brain. The addition of sensors enhances our experience as we turn our head and the sensor changes the image accordingly, resulting in a world which is virtual, but we can actually look all around and feel as if we are there. Rest of the things are taken care of by your phone and the app. You just download and boot up the right app and place your phone inside the headset and put it on your head and voila you are done. There are options like Google daydream, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Out of all these options, Google Cardboard is the affordable one and can be used by any android phone which supports the option of Virtual Reality.

Smartphone VR is advantageous for various reasons but mainly because of its affordability and portability. It is true that a phone cannot compete with the high-end hardware in terms of depth and quality but it is the best choice to dip one’s toes in the world of VR. Some of its advantages have been discussed in detail below:


For someone who is just starting to understand the world of how VR works, smartphone VR is the perfect option in terms of its affordability. All you would need is a compatible phone and you’re good to go.


At the moment, only smartphone VR headsets are something that you can take with you everywhere you go. No need to carry wires or an external hardware.


A less complicated and easy to understand options is what everyone looks for in the first place and smartphone VR is exactly that. Setup is extremely easy which is the just putting your phone in the headset and downloading an app using the play store that you’re so familiar with. All these things make it the clear winner.

Future Friendly

If a new, significantly different headset comes out you will not have to shell out a lot of money for a new console and what not. It is much easier to move onto new upgrades with smartphone VR.

Having said this, the choice is always yours. But if you do decide to go ahead with smartphone VRr then always go for a phone which is VR compatible and finding this out is not rocket science. There are three things that should be ticked off in your smartphone’s sensors list and that is a gyroscope sensor, magnetometer and an accelerometer. Without getting into too much of technical details, let’s just say that a gyroscope sensor checks your phone’s tilt and twist movements, in turn, plays an important role in your phone’s compatibility with the headset. A magnetometer is used to know the direction of the phone with respect to earth’s magnetic field. An accelerometer is used to detect the linear orientation of your smartphone.

Just keep a check on these 3 sensors and get onboard with the experience of a lifetime. To begin with a few smartphone options you can go for Panasonic India’s Panasonic Eluga Ray Max, Samsung or OnePlus phones.

Virtual Reality has captivated us with its power to transport us to a whole new world without moving an inch which is why it is important to give these revolutionary technologies a try especially when they are so affordable and easily available to us.

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