How To Prepare And When To Take Driving Theory Test?

To Prepare And When To Take Driving Theory Test

In the United Kingdom, provisional licenses are provided from age 15 years & 9 months, but full driving license can be obtained at 17 years age. For this, the candidate needs to pass theory and practical test. Every year more than 1.6 million people take theory and practical exam, but only 52% pass the former and 43% are successful in the latter.

What is a theory test?

Practical driving exam is a road test, where for a theory test the candidate has to gain knowledge about Highway codes and safe driving techniques.

Driving theory test is challenging

Here are facts to prove that driving theory test is hard.

  • 1/3rd candidates appearing the theory test fail.
  • Cost of learning to pass a test is significant.
  • Test are getting hard with adding complexities every time like introducing manoeuvres like reversing in bay or reverse parking or the computer hazard perception.

All this demonstrates that candidates need to be well-prepared to be successful in their theory test.

Practice, practice, and more practice

The DVLA exam includes two sections – multiple choice and hazard perception. Candidates can get familiar with these sections with regular practices of mock tests designed by experienced and approved testing centres.

Candidates can get familiar with the format style and prepare sufficiently to pass in their first attempt.

Established online theory test centres

Stress and hassle gets reduced with regular practice tests made unavailable for free. These are similar to the real theory test. For better preparation the mock tests get updated every now and then. Candidates don’t need to depend on outdated test DVD’s sold in the market.

The aim of theory test is that driver needs to be familiar with all the signs and driving techniques before they drive on roads to protect themselves, other road users and public property. Learning to control your car and knowledge about road rules guarantees safe driving.

What is the right time for scheduling theory test?

There is an understanding that theory exam taken at certain time on certain days enhance the chances to pass. These are wrong beliefs or myths.

Many candidates believe that examiners are in good mood on Friday afternoon because of following weekend preparation. Moreover, Mondays are worst time for exams because examiners are still in weekend mood. The fact is that test examiners have no role to play because exam results are all computerized.

Few candidates are overconfident, so they don’t practice for the exam. Unfortunately, you can get caught, if you go unprepared. Better be prepared instead of guessing answers with a hope of getting them right.

The right time for theory test is when you feel ready and confident. There is no golden rule because some candidates feel positive after studying Highway Code and a few have to take hours of practice test. Apply for theory test, when you are fully prepared. Dismiss theories heard from friends or read on the internet. You are the only one who will know the right time to take theory test.

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