How To Get Old Country Sound On Guitar?

Get Old Country Sound On Guitar

We can all agree that it is beautiful to watch unique sound of the guitar in country music especially if you are a guitar player. It is the perfect sound that most people tend to pursue, and most players understand that there are no two guitars that can produce same tones.

However, you will have to know guitar technique that you can learn as the place where you can learn, and equipment that you own can help you reach the sound you’re after.

We decided to present your way to get an elusive, unmistakable and unique old country sound on guitar:

You Should Find Appropriate Guitar

After many years of pursuing different sounds and models, we can definitively agree that most players of country music use Fender Telecaster guitar. It is one of the most popular pieces that many prominent guitar players used and still use it.

For most string popping and chicken-picking’ licks which are common in many country songs, they come from Telecaster or other variation of this particular instruments. We can state numerous reasons why country musicians use Telecaster instead of other guitars such as:

  • It features a modular and simple design, which is great because the player can easily modify it and repair it quickly in case of emergency.
  • Telecaster has bolt-on construction and solid body that combines swamp ash with maple. Therefore, you will get significant sustain, clarity, taunting lows and beautiful highs.
  • It features 25 1/2-inch scale length in combination with single coil pickup, which increases percussive snap and harmonic sparkle.

Even though Telecaster is most common guitar among country guitarists, nowadays-modern country players are using other guitars too.

For example, Kurt Allison and Jack Sizemore use EVH Wolfgang and Gibson Les Paul, but the overall sound of country radically changed, so if you want to achieve the oldsound, you should stick to old recipes.

You Have To Find Proper Amp

Similar to guitar, country guitarists have used a specific type of amplifier that gave themthe possibility to achieve that crispy old sound. The most common amp was all-tube Fender combo amplifier with reverb.

Of course, we all know that Fender makes a wide array of amps so that everyone can achieve their styles.

You can also choose 85-watt Fender Twin Reverb amp, which is great because it will provide you amazing sensitivity when you push the volume to the edge and raunchy overdrive that you’ve can find only when listening oldies.

Everything depends on your style and preferences, but you will achieve clean, loud and crisp sound that you need for the sound you want to achieve.

On the other hand, you can choose high-watt amps such as Victoria Golden Melody, PRS Archon, Peavey Classic apps or Hot Rod Deville that will provide you sparkling clean and glassy tones with overdrive that will give you crunch inside your gut.

According to Brad Paisley, he uses amp overdrive to achieve this particular tone, but he uses his very own signature amps. Apart from getting a right amp, it is also essential to find a perfect array of effects, which we will talk about in next paragraph.

What About Effects?

For most country, guitar players there are only three essential effects:

  • Compressor – Compressor is one of the main effects of thickening a country guitar,and it will increase the overall sustain so that you can get fat cleans and smooth peaks for various techniques such as chicken-picking’. It will also provide you boosted and lush clean tone that will sound even better if you have a great playing style. For more information on compressors, you have to click here
  • Overdrive – For getting the additional crunchiness and dirt, and finding, the right overdrive will be a backbone of your tone and signature. Overdrive can simulate soft gain, and the reason why players want to find the appropriate model because they want to achieve a balance of drive and sustain that will increase the tonal connection between amp and guitar.
  • Analog delay – For time-based effects, because slapback echo is one of the most prominent sounds in rockabilly, country, andhonky-tonk. The idea is to get a short delay that will provide you a similar effect as in the live Analog pedals are great because they will provide you short delay time and greater warmth than digital ones.

Thisstraightforward recipe will provide you perfect tone for country music. These effects are bread and butter for most guitarists. Of course, this is not the regular rule, because everyone has individual preferences and some guitarists have a more significant pedal board.

If you want to begin to play country music, these three pedals are essential. Others are just an addition that will provide you more possibilities. Finally, the idea is to find the right combination of pedals that will appeal your guitar and preferences.

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