How Machine Learning Can Impact Ecommerce?


Your computer learns from your input every time you use it. By learning from your inputs, commands, your use patterns, behaviour and preferences over time it adapts and delivers results and suggests options as per your requirement and preference in the particular context or time. This trend of computers learning from the users and accordingly adapting to user requirements, preferences and contexts is something widely considered as machine learning. These days computers and gadgets equipped with smart algorithms are increasingly becoming adaptive to user environment and so machine learning solutions offer the revolutionary possibility to automate the feedback mechanisms and generate quicker responses in various day to day machine interactions.

Among the biggest beneficiaries of machine learning ecommerce tops the list. For example, by understanding the inputs and online commands of a hectic shopper a retail app can help him browse the needful products faster and get done with the checkout process. There can be a whole array of machine learning benefits for retail and ecommerce websites and apps. The dramatic rise of the m2m solutions is a clear testimony of the potential of this new technology for many industries including ecommerce. While the m2m services will continue to proliferate we can see here some of the proven ways machine learning is already having profound impact on the ecommerce apps and solutions.

1. Chatbots Taking Control Of Customer Service

For quality customer service the importance of conversation is huge and this is the precise reason why chat is so important a component in ecommerce. But so called human conversation through traditional customer service requires huge investment and quality manpower. Moreover, unintentional human error will always have its pulling effect. On the other hand advanced chatbots equipped with sophisticated algorithm and analytics can easily understand the queries and can process answers accordingly. Many websites are already using chatbots and in the time to come more number of ecommerce ventures will find it useful.

2. Product Search Getting A Boost

What is the most important aspect in any ecommerce site or app? Obviously, it is nothing but ease of searching the products from the ecommerce store. Now thanks machine learning the retail apps and web interfaces can understand the user requirements better and accordingly can suggest and provide most relevant search results. This would help making the shopping experience better and in turn boosting profitability.

3. Market-right Pricing

Thanks to machine learning retailers now can use the advanced algorithms for understanding the competition, product demands, pricing trends, purchasing power of the customers, etc. This will help them decide on the right price of a product allowing maximum profitability or growth in sales.

4. Fraud Detection

For big eccomerce sites and retail businesses find fraudulent activities as a big threat to their overall financial stability and strength. While popular fraud detection software will continue to remain popular, machine learning can offer a new approach to this. The retail apps can easily detect certain vulnerable areas and suspicious activities from certain user inputs and thus can ring the alarm for preventive measures.

5. Better And Faster Decision Making

The sophisticated machine learning algorithms can revolutionise the way management takes decisions over retail stores. By allowing deeper knowledge about customers and their interactions it can help decision making better and response time faster. With advanced machine learning algorithm product demand can be predicted at right time and certain inventory problems can be identified quicker. It will also help demographic classification and segmentation of customers better.

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