How Long An Inpatient Drug Rehab Program Typically Lasts

How Long An Inpatient Drug Rehab Program Typically Lasts

Luxury rehabcentersusually offer inpatient programs with different lengths to suit patients with different levels of addictions. The longer the duration, the more expensive the cost will be since you are staying at the rehab and using its facilities. Basically, the drug addiction treatment programs is available in three different duration including 30 day, 60 days and 90 days.

  1. 30 Days Drug Rehab Program

In the 30 days drug rehab program, patients will stay at the best rehab California for 30 days. Some rehab centers offer 28 days program instead of 30 days program. Patients will attend individual and group therapy sessions and learn a few techniques on coping with drug/alcohol temptations. Usually,patients are obliged to stay at the rehab for 30 days and no visitor is allowed. Some rehabs may allow visitors during the first few days of the program to help patients feel comfortable in the drug addiction treatment.

There are many different 30 days program offered by various rehab so be sure to compare the programs to decide which one is the best. The 30 days program is suitable for people with mild addiction and only need a little assistance to attain sobriety. The 30 days program is not suitable for people with serious addiction because detox occupies half of the program’s duration and that leaves only a little time to learn important skills on coping with drug craving.

  1. 60 Days Drug RehabProgram

The 60 days drug rehab program gives you more time to undergo the detox stage. The detox stage will usually lasts for 1 – 2 weeks but it can be longer. There will be professionals to teach stress management techniques so that patients can learn how to control their cravings for drugs. It offers one-on-one counseling with different protocols depending on patients’ needs. In addition to one-on-one counseling, patients will attend group therapy on a daily basis.

Group therapy gives drug addicts a feeling that they are not alone in facing their addictions. It also help them to build social skills and get along with people. In a group therapy session, addicts can meet new friends which can help them in their journeys to reach sobriety. Addicts can offer positive encourage to one another so that they can arrive at sobriety faster. There are many types of therapies to choose from in a 60 days drug rehab program including art therapy and horseback riding. Patients can stay longer at additional cost and opt for the 90 days program if needed.

  1. 90 Days Drug RehabProgram

The 90 days program is suitable for patients with mental problems or underlying health issues on the medical record. During the 90 days program, patients will learn solid relapse prevention skills. Various types of drug addictions can be treated including heroin, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, prescription drug. Before joining a rehab, make sure you check whether the rehab offers addiction recovery for the drug that you are addicted to.

During the 90 days program, the patient will first meet with counselor to find out the best treatment method. Patients don’t have to be afraid about demonstrating withdrawal symptoms because the rehab provides round the clock care from doctors, therapists and peers. Upon completing the detox stage, the patient will move on to addiction therapy. Most 90 days drug rehab programs include aftercare programs. The cost of 90 days rehab program varies depending on the amenities and residential duration. Enrolling in a 90 days program can offer better result because it takes time for the patient to learn the skills for coping with the drug addiction. 


In conclusion, you should choose an addiction program based on your drug addiction severity. You can opt to choose a longer program if you feel that you need more time to recovery. If you don’t know which program is suitable, you can always get help from the counselor that create the custom treatment plan.

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