Homestay in Coorg gives you the Best Tourist Experience

Homestay in Coorg

Coorg is a lovely destination that is home to the most significant historical sites, temples, Buddhist monasteries form a major constituent part of tourism in Southern India. It is a place with the popular tourist destination and huge religious significance. And also called as the Scotland of the east due to its utter natural beauty, this place provides the best natural space with the laid-back feeling attached to the holidays. Every site of the Coorg is marvellous and joyous, perfect for sight-seeing and taking photographs of the serene beauty. Moreover, activities like challenging treks, short nature walks, river –rafting and camping. Amidst the greenery of the site and having a homestay in Coorg is very hard to resist someone not to coming again and again. Coorg is also known as Kodagu and is situated in the quaint nature rich mountain in the state of Karnataka. Coorg (Kodugu) is at a near around 250 km from Bangalore, Karnataka and normally, it takes 5 hours to reach there by road.

Travelers would love to Homestay in Coorg

There are two airport routes to reach Coorg, One is via Banglore Airport and the second one is via Mangalore Airport. And the best part is homestay in Coorg are very less in numbers and they offer transportation services from the airports. Small little villages are encompassed with thick forest hill of the region are one of the best places to know about their culture and tradition of local people. More than 2 days are best to wonder one of the villages. For travellers who love to visit nature and its enticement would definitely love the place. Situated within the district boundary of Coorg, north-east centre of the district, there is a lovely small town known as Somwarpet. The land of this town covers on by large tree plantations. In addition to this one can also find the plantations of spice crops which include peppers and cardamom as the main source. Apart from that one can also find fresh oranges, vanilla, or any other vegetables.

Reserve a homestay at Coorg at an affordable price

Somwarpet is a major tourist attraction in Kodugu district. While returning back home number of other tourist attractions and some are the pocket-friendly hotels are situated on the way. If you are a Golf lover then around 8 km from the town you will find a Golf Club called Beelur Golf Club. Additionally, located about 24 km from the town one of the tallest waterfalls of the district exists which is known as Mallalli Falls with the height of 200 feet. Another happening place to check out in the district is hill-top called Kotebetta. The height of the Hill-Top is the highest in the district.

At the end, Coorg is a most wonderful destination in Karnataka where one can visit for holidaying purpose. As it also includes a number of tourist attraction in the place. Reserve a homestay at Coorg is not expensive you can easily afford the prices of hotels.

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