Here are frequent mistakes done while buying Air Conditioners

Here are frequent mistakes done while buying Air Conditioners

The summer season is on the way and everyone is in a hurry to buy new air conditioners. There are many people who make many mistakes while buying new air conditioners. It is very important to choose the right air conditioner according to your budget and requirement. Here are a few common mistakes that every buyer makes while buying a new air conditioner.

1.Focusing on the price tag

While buying a new air conditioner one thing should be kept in mind that it will last for about twenty years. Buying an air conditioner is a long-term investment so it should be done very carefully. Many people buy a cheap air conditioner and save a few bucks, but its result is a bad quality air conditioner which consumes more electricity and gets damaged very easily. After the air conditioner damages, the cost of repairing is even more. It should be kept in mind that the efficiency really matters and it should not be compromised for a few bucks. An inefficient air conditioner causes more electricity consumption and it will cause you to pay higher electricity bills. It is not always better to buy the air conditioner at a lower price as it may lead you to pay more after. It is better to get more value in the long run. It is always better to choose the good brand and efficient air conditioner to enjoy advantages in the longer run.

2.Bigger is better

Many people have this misconception that the bigger air conditioner is the better one. It is completely wrong and misleading. The efficiency of the air conditioner is what matters the most and it is completely independent of its size. The air conditioners which are very big for your home and floor plan will only cause higher electricity bills and also inefficient for cooling. The bigger air conditioners may also lead to frequent repairing and it will cost you even more money. In case of buying a new air conditioner it is not necessary that you buy the best AC in India in 2018 but what is more important is that you buy the most efficient and suitable one for yourself. There are many different factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the right size of air conditioner for your place. If you have trouble finding out the right one for your place, then you can also consult a technician.

3.Installation does not matter

The other big mistake that people make with air conditioners is the improper installation. It is very important to install the unit properly for complete efficiency. Improper installation may also cause frequent damages to your air conditioner and you have to pay for the repair. You should always consult a technician with NATE certification for installation of your air conditioner. It is always better to cut corners from those technicians who are not properly trained. Installation is a very important factor to enjoy the best benefits of your new air conditioner.

4.SEER rating

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which is also known as the SEER rating and it displays the energy-efficiency of a cooling unit. Many people make this mistake by ignoring this rating while purchasing a new air conditioner. It is very important to check this rating as the higher this rating will be, the more energy efficient the system will go. You should choose an air conditioner with a SEER rating between 15 to 16 as it is considered energy-efficient. If you keep these things in mind and does not make these mistakes then you will end up in buying the right air conditioner for your place with maximum efficiency and great performance without any hustle.

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