Get Green Signal for Your Product Through Quality Control Inspection

Get Green Signal for Your Product Through Quality Control Inspection

Getting a clearance before the actual shipment is done, is one of the most crucial points for manufacturers. Major Asian countries are involved in production work and in order to keep up with their quality, getting the product inspected at each stage is important. Asia Inspections are carried on by professionals who assist in minimizing the defects at the production stage itself by applying different tools of the audit.

What kinds of inspections are carried on?

No products can escape the stage of inspection. Inspection is carried on right from the time of inception. Every product, which is manufactured in different countries, is supposed to go through inspection and get audited by experts. This is carried on in three different levels. The foremost starting with Pre-Production when 20% of the work is completed, During Production when major 80% of the work is finished and the final when last 20% phase of the production is remaining.

Only after the professional’s audit it and the results match the production standards and regulations, the further shipment process is commenced.

What are the products that are audited?

Audit of Factory & Supplies wherein the plant is inspected thoroughly, ensuring it meets the basic requirement standard. After the factory’s complete the professionals pass survey inspection, the business is provided the license to commence with the work.

Further in countries of Asia Inspections are also carried on the materials used in the production of textile, Footwear, Electronics, Food as well as pharmaceutical medicines. A professional inspection of the containers in which the production is going to be shipped is also important.

Why are inspections carried out?

Audit and inspection of manufacturing products, shipments, and laboratory testing are carried out to ensure there is no defect in the production. By conducting, an in detailed audit in different stages of production right from the raw materials used, to the machinery and of the final product leaves out the chances of any mistake from the side of exporters. In case of any discrepancy noticed the same is corrected at the initial stages itself.

This inspection is not only beneficial for exporter nations but is mainly useful for importer countries. Auditing of products assures the importer countries are not duped and the qualities of products are maintained.

No wastage of time

Audit inspectors are spread across the globe, with many providing services pertaining to niche sector. If one thinks the audit is going to be a long task, it is not wholly true. While the process is carried out at different levels, it won’t require workings to be put on hold for long. The inspection is completed within a day and the results are also not delayed.

Within 12 hours of inspection in the final stage, the results are received. Pertaining to the result acquired one will be able to decide whether the product is Accepted, Rejected or is put on Hold. A detailed information report is also sent enlisting about the failures and what are the measures to be taken.

Audit regarding the quality and other production aspects ensures the inspection favors the importer countries, as well as the supplier, giving a green flag to further with their work. An inspection helps to minimize the defect rates and maximize the quality of import product, which follows the ethical rules and regulations.

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