Find Out the Best Time to Visit before Making a Reservation at a Tadoba Accommodation

Tadoba Accommodation

Any wildlife aficionado would be truly excited at the prospect of enjoying a stimulating wildlife vacation at the famous Tadoba National Park. It is called the jewel of Vidarbha and is located in the state of Maharashtra in India. The Tadoba Tiger Reserve has become extremely popular of late, as it enjoys the highest TSI or tiger sightings index. It has a truly booming population of the Royal Bengal Tigers and is referred to as the Tiger paradise on earth.

Apart from the majestic tigers, Tadoba has a lot to offer to its visitors. It has amazing forest tracks, rich biodiversity and scintillating landscape featuring rugged cliffs, marshlands and even lakes. You could certainly expect a tiger sighting here if you go on a jungle safari ride. Here the tigers have their own identity and the National Park serves as the home to the magnificent and powerful Royal Bengal Tigers called Maya, Tara, Choti, Gabbar, Sonam and many more of them. The National Park proves to be your gateway to endless fun, excitement, and adventure. The place is just the right destination for environmentalists and wildlife aficionados.

Tadoba: A Paradise for Wildlife Aficionados

The Tadoba National Park is located at Chandrapur in the state of Maharashtra in India and extends over 1727 sq. kilometers. This sprawling and pristine park provides a wonderful habitat for diverse wildlife. The pristine South Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest boasts of diverse animal species and dense woodland vegetation. There are some rare animal species that are a major attraction for the tourists worldwide. The diverse flora offers great research opportunities to naturalists and environmentalists. You may see animals such as sambars, chitals, chausinga, barking deer, neelgai, sloth bears, Indian bison, wild boar, wild dog and even leopards face to face. The Tadoba National Park is relatively a new craze for wildlife enthusiasts and is still an offbeat track for vacationers. This makes the fun and excitement double for those planning to enjoy a vacation here. You must book a room well in advance in one of the good resorts at TadobaNational Park.

The Best Season to Visit

Tadoba National Park experiences tropical climate as it is situated in India. This makes the winter season possibly the best time for visiting the tiger reserve so that tourists do not need to face the scorching heat of the summer months. However, the best time for sighting the big cats would surely be the hot summer months from April to May. Nature lovers could come to the Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary post the Monsoons as then the forest would become lush green and colorful blooms would be found everywhere.

Best Time for Tiger Sightings

The winter season seems to be the right time to come to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve as the temperatures would be dipping and the visitors, especially, the international tourists could enjoy the jungle safari without encountering the heat and sweat of the sultry summer days. However, according to the tour operators, the best season for sighting tigers would actually be during the warm summer months from March to May.

Best Time for Bird Watching

Bird-watching could be an enjoyable activity at Tadoba as it offers a wide spectrum of colorful and rare birds. January to almost the end of April is possibly the best period for birding. Insect life and vegetation are at their peak form with the setting in of the monsoons in mid-June.


Choose the time of the year that is convenient for you and suits your purpose. Whenever you go, be sure to have a great adventure and unadulterated fun. December seems to be the peak season as it is nice and cool plus it is also the holiday season for everyone. So, it is better to plan well in advance and make the hotel and safari bookings around 120 days ahead for avoiding last minute disappointment.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a wildlife journalist and reporter. He is a passionate blogger and his blog posts are about various National Parks including the Tadoba National Park in India that offers wide biodiversity. In his recent post, he recommends advance booking in one of the resorts at TadobaNational Park for a comfortable stay

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