Facing Challenges In Life & The Secret To Overcome Them With Victory!

Facing Challenges In Life

Most people in the world find it difficult to associate the word ‘warrior’ with the basic principles of spirituality. To these individuals, it signifies those who have a sense of arrogance, an uncompromising attitude and gets sadist pleasure in engaging in physical confrontation with others. They hold the view it is contrast tofeelings of the heart. However, the members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer, an international spiritual community, explain that this is a misconception. They go on to say it is important for both pastor and soldier to walk together in a journey most people refer to as life. This is necessary because both ensure the wellbeing and survival of one another.

Accepting challenges

The members of group hold the view people who want to awaken their inner spiritual potential must be willing to come out of their comfort zone and accept challenges. They will never be able to find the solutions they are looking for unless they introspect and accept the fact that they need to first change themselves. This ultimately brings forth their harmony, compassion and beauty for the world to see. They go on to explain that people who want to bring about a significant positive change in the lives of thosearound them must willing to make the same change within themselves. They need to always remember the phase ‘As Within, So Without’ This will go a long way in helping them achieving the excellence they crave for and lead meaningful lives. Only then will these individuals find their place among what these spiritual followers refer to as ‘the Rainbow Light Warriors’

The Unknown facts of a Warrior

These followers of this group admit that there are times when warriors need to participate in bloody conflicts with various lethal weapons at their disposal. This on doubt leads to death and destruction. However, there is another side to these individualsthat people who are into spirituality are aware of. These soldiers unconditional commit over 20 years of their lives in bringing up and caring forthe children they raise as their own. Their objective is to develop them into independent, productive and free-thinking adults. They are always ready to the service the community as a whole, learn how to defend themselves and be ready for all emergencies at all times.They are always on the lookout for opportunities to develop and learn. Moreover, they can adjust their way of life to encourage and support sustainable development on this planet.

To spread love, light, compassion and beauty in this world, it is important for people seeking spiritual wisdom to take the stance of a fearless warrior against evil forces. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer say people who want to face this enemy in front of them, they must first confront the same adversary within themselves. They confess that these individuals can never hope to achieve their objective in life unless they take the courage to overcome their fears rather running away from it.

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