Did not clear IAS during first attempt: Here’s how you can crack it

Did not clear IAS during first attempt

Don’t be disappointed if you have not cracked the IAS Exam on the first attempt. You need to relax. You’re not alone. And it is definitely not the end of the world. According to statistics, more than 3 lacs students apply for the Prelims and just over 1.5 lacs actually appear for the exams out of which only about 12000 actually manage to clear. And what you need to understand is that in the lot that has cleared there may be those who have cleared it after a second or third attempt. Not clearing it on the first attempt does not mean that you are not capable enough to clear it.

So if you have not cleared it the first time don’t be disheartened. Prepare yourself to get ready for the second round of preparations and above all learn from what you did the last time. Past experiences are like gold, they are never useless.

Focus on your next attempt

Come to terms with it as soon as possible. Take a short break to unwind and refresh yourself so that you can plan your preparation with the right spirit. Your past experiences are valuable lessons for the coming year and should be treated exactly in that manner; to learn from the experience you gained. Go ahead with your preparation for next Prelims with the experience gained from this year’s attempt. There is ample time to prepare for the Prelims in the coming year so make the most of it. Experience is always valuable no matter in which way it comes to you.

Evaluate your strength and weaknesses

Based on your experience with the Prelims you can understand which are your strong points and where is it that you need to work more Evaluate this so that you can make better preparations for the next attempt. You understand your weak and strong areas and now you can focus on the weak ones to bring them at par with the stronger ones. Consider your second attempt as a boon as it will give you the experience that will be an added advantage compared to the first timers.

Test yourself constantly to be prepared before your exams

Every attempt in the civil services examination is vital.  Hence it is vital to understand the importance of testing yourself continuously by going through the previous year’s papers or enrolling in an efficient test series. This is an extremely important part of the preparation for the exams and should not be compromised upon at any cost.

Turn micro notes taking into a habit for your next preparation

The last fifteen days of preparation before the prelims sometimes are the deal-breaker. The time just before the prelims is extremely crucial and it is very important to use it wisely. It would be better not to start a new topic in those last few days. It is not important for you to prepare every single topic thoroughly but whichever topics you pick be thorough with those. Never try to start a new topic when the exam is approaching. Some panic and feel that if they add just one more topic their chances will be better. But this is really not the case.

Keep distractions at bay

Today there is no dearth of distractions for those who really want one. We live in the age of smartphones and Facebook and a thriving social media. Everything in moderation is good but it should not eat into the time that you have set aside for your preparation. It is good to maintain some social life and a break once in a while during your preparation. It will refresh you and recharge your mind. But this does not mean that you skip your preparation entirely for a long stretch.

Keep track of what went wrong with the first attempt and improve on it. Don’t get mixed up with your preparations. Discuss with your counsellors or parents on how you can improve your performance the next year. You are investing a number of years, money and time in the IAS dream and you definitely owe it to yourself to realize this dream.

Go forward with a clear mind and determination and achieve what you have set out to do.

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