Chandigarh, the planned green city of India

Chandigarh is an excellent example of the world city

Chandigarh is an excellent example of the world city and is one of the most popular cities in India. One can observe the lively Punjabi culture mixed in the air of this city. Alongside the lively environment, one can also observe town planning and modernization that has entered in India.
Chandigarh in itself is a very pleasant city that is filled with natural beauty across it. One needs to visit the various gardens that are spread across the city.
Known for being the first planned city of India, the mastermind behind the design of this city is Le Corbusier, who is one of the famous Swiss French architects.
Apart from being the pleasant city that it is, Chandigarh also has good road connections to some of the must visit sites of North India. Below are some of the places nearby Chandigarh that one needs to visit:

Ladakh: At a very close proximity to Chandigarh, one can reach this place by hiring a Chandigarh to Ladakh cabs. This place is a must go for all the adventure as well as nature lovers. Surrounded by two of the greatest mountain ranges, the Karakoram and the Great Himalayas, it a place that can take your heart away. Ladakh with its mountains, landscapes, food and amazing people has the capability of making one experience heaven on earth.
Pangong Lake: The famous Lake in Ladakh is situated at the height of 4350 meters in the Himalayas. The lake is at the length of 124 kms and is stretched from India to Tibet. The 60% of this lake lies in Tibet. One can find this lake in a complete frozen state during the winter time.
The lake is also a home to many migrating birds; however, it doesn’t support much of the aquatic life. One can enjoy the clear blue water of the place as well as enjoy the natural beauty and bird watching in this place.

Kasauli: At a mere 58.9 kms away from the main city of Chandigarh, this hill station makes an ideal destination for weekend gateways and serve as a perfect holiday destination to be traveled in India. One can hire ataxi from Chandigarh to Kasauli and reach this small town situated amidst woody forests and the serene environment of the place. This place has a lavish and sophisticated look due to its Victorian buildings that were built by the Britishers who once lived in this place. This is an ideal location for all the nature lovers and one can find various endangered floras and faunas in this hill station.
Timber Trail: One needs to enjoy the view of the whole hill station of Kasauli from the heights of the Timber Trail. This place is known for its ropeway rides. These rides give a thrilling experience to all and one can also enjoy the bird’s eye view of the lush green forests.

Dharamsala: At 246.9 kms away from Chandigarh, this city is known as, ‘Little Lhasa in India’. This place is famous as the residence of His Holiness Dalai Lama in exile. One can see the distinct divisions as upper and lower, due to the altitude difference. The lower division of the place is actually known as Dharamsala whereas, the upper division is known as Mcleodganj.

One can hire Chandigarh to Dharamsala car rental and get to this holy land.

St. John in the Wilderness Church: This church was built during the year 1852 and is one of the most famous churches that are present in Himachal Pradesh. This church was built as a dedication to John the Baptist. This is one of the oldest structures present in the city.

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