Wildlife Reserves Near Bangalore

Wildlife Reserves

The call of the wild is irresistible and if you are a nature lover living in Bangalore, then you are in a great place. The city is close to one of India’s largest, continuous belt of wilderness – the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which spreads all the way from the coastal mountains to the peaks that straddle the Tamil Nadu border. Experiencing these pristine regions is just a short drive away, as you can just rent a car in Bangalore and visit one of many wildlife destinations in the surrounding districts.…

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The Spectacular Underwater Beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

Wakatobi has been chosen as one of the best destination places which have a number of spots and activities that can relax your mind from any busy works. There, most of the underwater species in the world are found. Taking picture is a must when coming to Wakatobi Island. The underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia should be explored more so you will know that a paradise in Earth does exist. Located in South East of Sulawesi, there are four islands which created Wakatobi; they are Wangi-Wangi (WA), Kaledupa (KA),…

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Let’s Experience The Borneo Rainforest Nature Adventure

Borneo Rainforest Nature Adventure

Let’s experience the Borneo rainforest wonderful nature adventure for new experiences in your travel. Borneo is large island with many places with wonderful nature you can visit for travel and adventure. If you’re someone who thirst of wonderful adventure, Borneo Island can provide you what you need. In this island, the most wonderful adventure you can experience is explore the rainforest. In this large island, large part of land occupy by vast rainforest as habitant of numerous species of animals and plants. With these conditions, Borneo rainforest undoubtly will give…

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Chandigarh, the planned green city of India

Chandigarh is an excellent example of the world city

Chandigarh is an excellent example of the world city and is one of the most popular cities in India. One can observe the lively Punjabi culture mixed in the air of this city. Alongside the lively environment, one can also observe town planning and modernization that has entered in India. Chandigarh in itself is a very pleasant city that is filled with natural beauty across it. One needs to visit the various gardens that are spread across the city. Known for being the first planned city of India, the mastermind…

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Homestay in Coorg gives you the Best Tourist Experience

Homestay in Coorg

Coorg is a lovely destination that is home to the most significant historical sites, temples, Buddhist monasteries form a major constituent part of tourism in Southern India. It is a place with the popular tourist destination and huge religious significance. And also called as the Scotland of the east due to its utter natural beauty, this place provides the best natural space with the laid-back feeling attached to the holidays. Every site of the Coorg is marvellous and joyous, perfect for sight-seeing and taking photographs of the serene beauty. Moreover,…

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Self-Service Kiosk Check-in: Seamless Travel Experience

Seamless Travel Experience

What would you choose at the airport? Would you queue up behind the counter to check in or choose a much faster, automated kiosk? The answer is pretty clear, isn’t it? Just like you take out cash from an ATM, the self-servicecheck-in kiosk lets you check-in for a flight within the least possible time, without any hassle. People across the globe are expecting self-service options in most areas, so why not for flight check ins as well. Vistara or TATA SIA Airlines Limited, which is a joint venture between Tata…

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When can I make flight claim compensation after flight cancellation?


Do you know that you are entitled to claim compensation if your flight gets cancelled or delayed unless the cause is not any ‘extraordinary circumstances’.  There are conditions and variations depending on how far in advance the flight was cancelled. Rules and amounts for compensation are similar for flight delay and cancellation.  In this blog post we will tell you about EU regulations under which a passenger can claim compensation after flight cancellation.  If a passenger departs from EU airport or is arriving on any EU carrier, it makes him/her…

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Things to Consider While Booking a Banquet in Dwarka


The venue for any of the family function or any social function happens to be the most crucial part. They play a vital role in giving a good feeling to your guests. If you really want your function to be great enough you need to hire the best venue as much as possible. The good ambience brings lots of positivity the entire function. Banquet in Dwarka are much liked and booked by people these days due to its great amenities. There are certain things that you need to take care before your…

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Best Historical Tourist Attractions in Cochin


Are you willing to explore the real treasures of Kerala this year? Cochin has got a tremendous collection of spice estates, Beaches and backwaters, hot steaming appams, tea plantations and the vibrant Kathakali performances to leave you amazed with. This place on Earth is known to have the perfect blend of history and traditions that are finely woven with the modernization. Whenever you plan a travel from Doha to Cochin, you will surely come across the absolutely captivating experiences. What’s better than having a complete package of astounding travel-glitches and…

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How can you Keep in Touch with Loved Ones after Moving

Touch with Loved Ones after Moving

One develops loving friendship with neighbours and other people staying around when being at one place for years. It is always very difficult to leave behind those, who have been together in all good and bad times. But now a days because of modern technology, it has become much easier to keep in touch with them even after shifting in the other corner of the world. Utilize the time to talk to your neighbours about your move when Packer and mover in Delhi NCR stay busy in packing and loading things for…

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