Top 5 Players of Australia


Talent has its own way of rewarding its ardent followers. Australia has had a good number of cricket players in history. But the under listed displayed an excellent skill with features that made them stand out. They are as follows: David Warner He was an exceptional player who managed to challenge the Australian history. He happened to be the very first one in his county to have been selected in the National team without any experience in the first-class cricket. One of the most destructive strikers in world cricket, David…

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Essential Tips for Boosting Guitar Practice Session

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Many guitar learners and players hardly get time to practice the guitar lessons or there are many players who need to get motivated time to time so as to ensure that they don’t leave practicing. When someone motivates you to practice your guitar lessons, it might be a possibility that you would dedicate your time for the practice for few days, but as the time passes on, what if you again stop practicing. Therefore, it is to make sure that you never leave practicing the guitar sessions. Learning guitar is…

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