Best Historical Tourist Attractions in Cochin


Are you willing to explore the real treasures of Kerala this year? Cochin has got a tremendous collection of spice estates, Beaches and backwaters, hot steaming appams, tea plantations and the vibrant Kathakali performances to leave you amazed with. This place on Earth is known to have the perfect blend of history and traditions that are finely woven with the modernization. Whenever you plan a travel from Doha to Cochin, you will surely come across the absolutely captivating experiences. What’s better than having a complete package of astounding travel-glitches and aspiration this season at Cochin?

So let’s check out some amazing historical spot that you must visit in Cochin;

Indo-Portuguese Museum

The Indo-Portuguese Museum is no less than a precious pearl that turned out due to an amalgamation of Portuguese & Indian culture and architecture. This museum was built by Joseph Urethra, former Bishop of the city, and it’s located in Fort Kochi area. Exhibiting the Altar of Procession, Furniture, Treasure, Civil Life and Cathedral, the museum is divided into five wings. Once you enter the beautiful premises of Indo-Portuguese Museum, you will front the captivating artefacts such as Indo-Portuguese Monstrance, Processional Cross made of silver & wood, and Coat of Arms of the Francis.

In case you plan a visit from Doha to Cochin this year, this museum should be in your must-go list. For the ones, who love to have a closer look at the history, this place is worth paying a visit to.

Mattancherry Palace – The Dutch palace

Mattancherry Palace is located in Palace Road, which was built by the Portuguese in 1557. Being amongst the most fascinating places to in Cochin, The Mattancherry is also known as the Dutch Palace. With the finest set of architecture, style and pure historical glimpse, it resembles a typical traditional Kerala house with four individual wings.

Having courtyard in the center, Mattancherry palace exhibits the two prominent temples of Krishna and Shiva inside the palace. Within the courtyard premises, the palace flaunts out with the beautiful temple of Bhagavati that happens to be the protective deity of Kochi community. No wonder that tourists are eagerly willing to pay a visit to this palace once they travel from Doha to Cochin.

Paradesi Synagogue – The Jewish church

Paradesi synagogue, also known as the Jewish synagogue, is the oldest amongst all the commonwealth regions. Built in 1568, the Paradesi synagogue is located in the Jew Town Area of Cochin. History evident that it was built by Malabar Yehudan, the actual Cochin Jewish Group. The Jewish synagogue is very well-known for housing the rare antiques such as; The Carved Teak Ark with Four Scrolls of Torah, chandeliers made of Belgian glass, hand-woven oriental carpet, silver and gold crowns, a clock tower and the century old copper plates. The visit from inside of the Paradesi synagogue would be no less than a ride to a beautiful past.

Hill Palace – A heritage museum

The Hill Palace was mainly dedicated to the Maharaja of Kochi. Housing many amazing relics and belongings of the Maharaja, this heritage museum comprises of 49 buildings that was built in 1865. The Palace has got the artefacts flaunting inside the buildings. The entire picturesque view from the outside of this heritage museum seems to have ornamented by beautiful garden.

Alongside the exquisite modern art gallery, the other objects inside the palace are worth seeing such as; Thoppikkallu (hood stone), rock-cut armaments of the Stone Age, Kudakkallu (tomb stone), wooden temple replicas, granite & laterite memorials, plaster cast prototypes of objects  driven from the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro of the Indus Valley Civilization. Undoubtedly, the Hill Palace is amongst the best historical places to see in Cochin.


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