A Troubleshooting Guide for Your Momo Making Appliance

momo maker

There is a large percentage of people who love to have home-made food as it is fresh, hygienic and free from preservatives. The problem is that doing everything manually takes time and everyone is hard pressed for time in this busy world. As a result, we end up having them outside and feel guilty at times.

Technology has actually come to the rescue and presented us with many innovative products that made the tasks in the kitchen easy. You can dole out numerous dishes using these appliances in no time. They are easy to operate, clean and very convenient.

One such appliance is pasta and momo maker. Using this versatile appliance, you can make noodles, momos, gujiya and pasta and that too within a short span of time. Most of us, especially kids, love to have momos and pasta all the time and making use of this appliance in your kitchen you can provide them the same in a healthy way.

When you buy momos from roadside stalls, you are often worried about the quality and hesitate to give it to your kids. But, with this machine in your kitchen, you would love to make them as they get ready quickly and you can make the fillings healthier and according to your kids’ taste.

These appliances work relentlessly with efficiency, but being machines they are prone to some wear and tear. If you know how to troubleshoot the minor problems, it will never give you any headache. Here are few of the common problems that you may face.

The Machine Doesn’t Start

You put all the ingredients inside it, but the appliance refuses to start. Don’t get flustered. Check the power supply. It is quite possible that the power cord is not inserted properly or the plug point is not working. Check at another point. Most of the times, these minor things are the root cause and it’s seldom a motor failure for which you need to take it to the service station.

Appliance Makes Sound But Doesn’t Budge

The probable causes here are minor only. First, check if the container is overloaded. If not, the other reason is that the mixing container is not fixed properly.

Appliance Indicator Light Is On, But Still It Does Not Work

If you do not select any particular function, the appliance won’t start working.

Appliance Suddenly Stops

If the lock screw is loose, as a safety precaution, the appliance will stop. Tighten it back and it will start again.

The Mixing Chamber Has Too Much Leftover Dough

This can happen due to a number of reasons. If the mixing paddle or the chamber is wet, the dough will get stuck to it. If you add too much of water to make dough, it will become wet and stick around. If the dies are not thoroughly cleaned before use, then too, it will result in sticking of the dough.

All these are minor troubles, which are easy to sort out, but if you are not aware of them it can lead to unnecessary anxiety. These devices are designed to make life easy in the kitchen. These troubleshooting tips can help you overcome the simple problems. However, if there’s any technical problem, get it fixed by an authorized technician.

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