For every parent or guardian, a son’s birthday is always a very special occasion. It’s very important to organize a fun filled and elaborate birthday party that is likely to ignite a bright smile on the child’s face and eventually create a lifelong memory. The expensive or luxurious choice is not always the best option, the major need of such a child is a simple, well planned party that he will remember for many years to come. In making preparations for birthday parties for boys especially, age should be considered as an important factor.

For instance, a year old boy can have a special party hat where all other invited kids wear different hats of choice, he can have a music party where you play popular nursery rhymes or songs that the kids enjoy and other added activities like cake cutting and bubble blowing. For a 2 – 8 year old boy, classic party games are trendy. This type of party involves games for kids like the musical chair, charades, twisters, ring toss, freeze dancing and the likes. Activities like Fishing for prizes are added to increase the fun and reward, it’s an activity where small but meaningful prizes like markers, small books, candies, fancy erasers and other beautiful rewards are attached to a paper clip. These are being placed in a fish pond being denoted by a big box and each kid gets a fishing rod which has a hook or preferably a magnet at the end of the line. The kids can have a wonderful and rewarding time fishing for their prizes in this special type of birthday parties for boys.


When boys reach the age of eight and above, they can become a bit of a challenge to keep them entertained. Newer and structured games and themes must be implemented because they can now comprehend and absorb complex rules. In their birthday parties, you can infuse a sports game like organizing relay races, spoon race games and three legged races. At this age, it is very necessary to hire the services of a professional entertainer for their themed parties like the SCIENCE THEMED PARTIES. This type of parties are hugely entertaining, fully interactive and visually stunning. It involves a display of science demos, snow machines, party games and hands – on lab experiments. A lot  of science tricks like firing of giant fog rings in the air, levitation of huge objects,  launching rockets, and scores of other hands – on experiments. Most entertainers offer prizes to winners which will make the party activities even more engaging and competitive and definitely an event to remember. The DISCO PARTY can also be taking into consideration, this is a party that offers a whole lot of engaging activities like dancing, singing and a mix of high energy games that the children will definitely love. This party comes complete with a superb sound system and microphones and also includes the most up –to –date music as children will sing along and make music requests. It is guaranteed to make a lasting memory.

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