5 Questions to Ask a Pest Control Treatment Solution Provider

Pest Control Treatment Solution Provider

While you may have put a lot of money and effort to build your dream house, it will take some effort to keep it well maintained too. As a part of this effort, you need to check the house for pests and take steps to eliminate them from your house. Your dream abode and your loved ones need to remain 100% protected against the dangers of pests.

With the range of options in pest control treatment services available for us today, we need to look beyond simply the price of the service. Here are a few questions you need to ask your pest control service provider, to ensure that you will get full value for your money with the job done:-

Question 1 – What pests will the treatment cover?
A general pest control treatment may not accomplish the outcome you are expecting. If you are suffering from ant infestation, but a general treatment doesn’t cover ants, then it will be a wasteful expenditure for you. Typically, treatments differ for ants and cockroaches and termites and bed bugs. Try to spell out your specific problems and then see if the pest control treatment is covering your specific problems or not.

Question 2 – Is there an AMC?

An annual contract works to be more cost effective than a standalone service. Check with the treatment provider about the frequency of services. Ideally, there should be 4 pest control services done in a year as a part of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). Also, check that the per-service-visit cost inside AMC is less than a standalone service cost. It is the only way an AMC will be a beneficial option for you.

Question 3 – What treatment will be best for my problem?
Here you will see the expertise of the professional shine through. His answer needs to depend on a lot of criteria like:

  • The seriousness of the infestation
  • The stage at which the insects are – egg, larvae, or adult
  • The type of pests he would be targeting
  • The length of time to eliminate the infestation, and
  • The frequency of pest control treatments needed

Question 4 – Are the treatments safe for children and pets?

The person needs to recommend if the family or pets need to stay away for a particular time frame during or after the pest control treatment has been carried out.

Question 5 – Show us you references

The pest control treatment provider’s past work needs to have recommendations from its previous clients. It will instil a sense of trust on the authenticity of the work and the ability to achieve the expected results.

To conclude

Eliminate the pesky creatures and insects from your residence the right way and at the right budget by asking the right questions. These 5 questions can go a long way in ensuring that you get satisfactory pest control treatment done.

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