5 Dental Problems that are Ruining Your Perfect Smile and How to Treat them

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In an ideal world, our looks shouldn’t matter but unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. How we smile has a huge impact on our social, personal and even work life so it’s only natural for everybody to want to have a notable smile to impress those around them. On that note, we will now take a look at five dental issues that usually mess with our smiles and how to address them.

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Stained Teeth

They call it the “pearly whites” and not the “sickly yellows” for a reason, so keeping your teeth white and shiny is essential to flaunting a healthy smile. Teeth can become discoloured for multiple reasons such as smoking, chewing tobacco or excessive drinking of coffee, but the solution is quite simple really and does not even require a surgery. All you need to do is go for a teeth whitening session or two and that’s about it in most cases.

Shorter Teeth

How can your smile be perfect if some of your teeth are particularly small as compared to the ones beside them? It can’t, not without some professional help from a dentist or orthodontist that is. The solution will most likely involve shifting your gum line below/above the shorter teeth to make them look longer. If required, your orthodontist may also recommend opting for a crown lengthening surgery, but don’t worry too much about it because the recovery time is fairly short (two – three days of rest).

Bigger Teeth

If your teeth suddenly begin to appear much larger than they did previously, it’s probably not because they have grown, but mostly because the gums beneath those teeth are receding, making them appear larger than they are. The surgery to repair this problem is known as gum tissue grafting and it’s usually expensive. Consult with your dentist regarding your options, especially if your teeth have become particularly sensitive to heat and cold.

Buck Teeth

Not to be confused with big teeth, buck teeth usually refers to the protruding front teeth which are often corrected in small children with the help of braces. But what if you are already an adult? Well, you still use braces to correct them! In case you are not comfortable with wearing braces to work, back-of-the-teeth braces or clear braces will do the job for you.

Missing Tooth

Unless you are a baby, chances are that your smile with missing teeth will make people laugh for all the wrong reasons. The situation can be handled in three steps which are as follows:

  1. Removal of the remaining teeth as deemed necessary by the dentist/orthodontist
  2. Installation of the anchoring post which will keep the artificial implant in place on your jaw
  3. Installation of the artificially sculpted tooth onto the implant

If your smile is suffering from any of the problems mentioned above or something else like snaggletooth, high lip line, etc. it’s time to pay a visit to the Perfect Smile Spa in Essex. They offer the best private dental care you can get in the county and they have the staff and the equipment to take care of basically every dental issue in existence.

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