5 Best Car Tune Up Advice to Follow After a Collision Repair

5 Best Car Tune Up Advice to Follow After a Collision Repair

After recovering from an unfortunate car collision, your car must have gone through a rigorous post collision repair work, done in your trusted repair shop. But if you think, the car will be ready for everything after the repair work is done, you are grossly wrong. The new welding job, the new paint job, the replaced and repaired parts aren’t ready yet for that harsh exposure, and it needs a time of at least three months to get back its original vigor.

During these days of recovery, you need to follow a few rules of maintaining the car that we have gathered from the Salisbury auto body repair shop.

  1. Wash Your Car withCare

Because of the new paint and delicate finish, your car needs to dry up and harden. The most important thing to remember while giving it a wash it with utmost care, most preferably by hand using a very mild car wash solution with a soft cloth or sponge. You can also consider a chamois to help it dry faster. Use only cool and clean water, and never hot. Do not try anydish or clothing detergent to clean your car. Practice this for a minimum of three months.

  1. Wash, Dry and Keep Your Car in Shade

To dry out the surface faster, do not wash under the hot sun. Choose a shade to wash, let it dry taking its own timeand store it in a garage or car shade. This is necessary to follow for at least a couple of months to preserve its newly painted body. Exposure to extreme heat or cold can cause chipping or melting of the paint.

  1. Don’t Wax or Polish Your Car for Three Months

You need to wait for at least a period of three months before start waxing or polishing your car.This is becausecar wax or polishing immediately after a new paint can possibly discolor the paintor damage the finish. The paint job needs to “heal up” before it can take the course of waxing and polishing.

  1. Don’t Dry Wipe Your Car

Hold back your temptation of cutting short the cleaning process with a dry wipe with a cloth and dust it off.This could scratch down the new paint as it is still quite delicate. As suggested by the Salisbury collision repair shop experts, one should avoid using a stiff brush or anyrough object to clean the carthat can scratch its surface.

  1. Don’t Park Under Big Trees

Parking under a tree can be dangerous for your car, if it is under the process of recovery from a post collision repair. The bird droppings will matt down the new paint job or sap on the finish. But if such things take place by chance, clean it off immediatelybefore the acids cast their effect on the new paint of your car.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of these car care tipsis to save your car from any harsh contact, till it recovers completely. The repaired parts and the new paints need some time to overcome from the raw conditions. So avoid driving on unpaved roads in these days of recovery.

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