The Spectacular Underwater Beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia

Wakatobi has been chosen as one of the best destination places which have a number of spots and activities that can relax your mind from any busy works. There, most of the underwater species in the world are found. Taking picture is a must when coming to Wakatobi Island. The underwater beauty of Wakatobi Island Indonesia should be explored more so you will know that a paradise in Earth does exist. Located in South East of Sulawesi, there are four islands which created Wakatobi; they are Wangi-Wangi (WA), Kaledupa (KA),…

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Let’s Experience The Borneo Rainforest Nature Adventure

Borneo Rainforest Nature Adventure

Let’s experience the Borneo rainforest wonderful nature adventure for new experiences in your travel. Borneo is large island with many places with wonderful nature you can visit for travel and adventure. If you’re someone who thirst of wonderful adventure, Borneo Island can provide you what you need. In this island, the most wonderful adventure you can experience is explore the rainforest. In this large island, large part of land occupy by vast rainforest as habitant of numerous species of animals and plants. With these conditions, Borneo rainforest undoubtly will give…

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