E-commerce website hacking prevention tips


In this hi-tech era, where most individuals are being fancy to do online shopping for their every single need the rage for E-commerce websites has been significantly increased. Considering this, the growth of E-commerce business has skyrocketed in the past and has gained immense impetus to the full-swing in 2016 as well. The same is expected for 2017 as well! But with this question arises, is your business safe and secured from the hacking and fraud attacks? If case you have just missed it then the shopper and you will…

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Top Quality Spy App For Employees

TheOneSpy for smartPhone features

What is the most excellent way to monitoring employees? This is a common question which keeps ringing in manager’s minds.  Monitoring employees have become a significant part of business automation as the management could follow all that workers do even when away from their workstations. Though, app designers have found a rich niche and also the market is awash along with a lot of monitoring apps. This could be extremely confusing to managers and also business proprietors. This post is an excellence checklist that you could use to choose the…

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HR leaders as the lighthouse in the Indian HRmanagement industry

global talent management

The global talent management industry is changing with the new age realities of gig economy and career hopping dawning on the HR leaders. The world is not going to be the same for the human resources management and the HR leaders have to start from today for the preparation of the leadership development in future. India has always been a dynamic player in the global talent management industry- a market which comes with its own challenges and needs of solutions. Human resources management has to take into account a talent…

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